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2016 Events

2016 Full Service Clean Sweep

Saturday, October 1, 2016

8:00am - 12:00pm
Washington County Highway Facility
900 Lang Street, West Bend
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West Bend Sustainability Committee

West Bend’s Sustainability Committee organized in September 2011. Its mission is to identify opportunities and implement plans to support stewardship of our natural resources and reduce our environmental impact while maintaining West Bend’s business objectives.

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Which mulch materials are best for your garden’s needs?

Whether your garden is of the vegetable variety or flower variety, here are some great tips on which mulch materials are best!
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Gardening Tips for the upcoming season!

Are you a beginning gardner, looking to learn more about how to grow and harvest your own scrumptious crops?

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Upcoming Events - 2015

Washington County Clean Sweep

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The Garden of Eatin'

West Bend's own Garden Club celebrated the end of another successful growing season with a potluck! Each gardener brought a dish made using something from their garden. These recipes were collected and combined in to a perpetual garden cookbook, which will be added to annually! We hope you enjoy!

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West Bend promotes conservative use of disposables

No one wants to use disposables if we don’t need to, but at times a quick meal at our desks is a time-saving convenience for our associates. And regardless of the reason, those associates who use disposable tableware from The Terrace, our company cafeteria, appreciate the availability of these products.
Here at West Bend, we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible, and that includes disposable products. The soup cups, coffee cups, and cold beverage cups we offer come from INGEO NatureWorks, and are made from 100% annually-renewable resources that are ASTM D6868 certified, compostable, and chlorine free. The plates, which are from Harvest Fiber, are biodegradable products, 100% BPI certified, and compostable. The cutlery is made of Plastarch Material (PSM) derived from corn and other biodegradable materials that are easily compostable. Paper napkins are a SYSCO EarthPlus product made from post-consumer materials. We ask all of our associates to use these disposables conservatively and responsibly.
At the same time, we thank our associates for their efforts to be environmentally responsible in The Terrace. Many of them wash the disposable cutlery and repeatedly reuse it. More than half of them use their own hot and cold beverage cups at work. And in keeping with our sustainability efforts, West Bend will continue to promote and support more participation through continued education and awareness.
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Earth Week!

Click on the image below for a listing of activities happening during Earth Week at West Bend!

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Easy steps to reducing your food waste

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