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Nail tech insurance

Nail Tech Insurance for Independent Contractors

Get the right coverage at the right price, at less than a dollar a day!

As a professional nail technician, you provide a much-needed service. Hands and feet are in constant use and often need a little pampering. You work hard to keep hands and feet beautiful and healthy! We work hard to protect you and your business!

Why do I need nail tech insurance?

Protecting yourself and your equipment is crucial. Even the most careful manicurists are at risk of accidents. If a client suddenly moves and gets cut, you could be sued. Defending yourself can cost thousands of dollars, and risks can double for independent contractors and booth renters who don’t have a reputable insurer looking out for them. Without nail technician insurance, you risk losing your hard-earned business, future earnings, and your reputation.

What kind of insurance is best for nail techs?

What coverage do I need?

  • Professional liability insurance - This insurance will cover any potential risk that comes with your profession. For example, if a client is cut during a manicure or pedicure, you could be held liable. A client could even claim your work made their nails appear worse than they were before. Professional liability insurance covers many manicure- and pedicure-related issues.
  • General liability insurance -  All businesses should have general liability insurance. This insurance protects you if anyone is injured because they slipped, tripped, or fell while in your designated booth space. It will also cover property damage for your booth rental. For instance, if you spill nail polish and damage a client’s clothing, cell phone, or other property, they may demand you replace it. General liability will cover it.


Do booth renters and chair renters need insurance?

Yes! Whether you work for a franchise or independent company, most salons and spas require that you be insured for the benefit of both parties. Even if insurance isn’t required, you should still protect yourself and your small business. Having insurance shows them that you’re a professional who’s serious about your business.


 Specific services covered for nail techs

  • Manicure services
  • Pedicure services
  • Gel and acrylic nails
  • Nail enhancements
  • Cleaning, shaping, conditioning and care for the fingers, hands, toes and feet
  • And more


Why choose West Bend

With an insurance policy from West Bend, you'll have the valuable coverage you need to protect your equipment and the services you provide your valued customers. And getting that coverage is fast and easy!

West Bend's insurance program for hair stylists provides all the coverages you need and the best services available. West Bend’s mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers through sound insurance and exceptional service. Your satisfaction helps determine our success.


The right coverage at the right price

Most policies are less than a dollar a day. You receive invaluable protection for yourself, your business, your equipment, and your reputation!

You’ll get:

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence or $3,000,000 in aggregate coverage for businessowners liability coverage.
  • $5,000, including equipment breakdown, for businessowners property coverage.


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