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Comprehensive Cyber Insurance for Every Business

Posted by Kristin Bowen on Sep 17, 2019 1:34:39 PM

cyber-securityCyber risk is a growing issue.  All businesses that maintain data on their clients and employees have a responsibility to safeguard the data.  Businesses, no matter the size, are vulnerable to data breaches, cyber attacks by computer thieves, and inadvertent releases of information. According to the FBI, billions of dollars are lost every year repairing systems hit by such attacks. What if your computer systems were hacked and down for weeks on end?  Or, if one of your employees was scammed into wiring money? What if your customers’ financial and personal information was stolen?  Would you be able to recoup the money from these scenarios?

That’s where Cyber Suite coverage can help. It’s a comprehensive cyber insurance solution designed to help businesses respond to a range of cyber incidents.  These include breaches of personally-identifying information or personally-sensitive information, threats of unauthorized intrusion into or interference with computer systems, damages to data and systems from computer attacks, and cyber-related litigation. 

Let’s highlight a few of the many coverages of Cyber Suite:

  • Computer Attack – First-party coverage designed to respond to computer attacks that damage your data and systems.
  • Cyber Extortion – First-party coverage designed to help you respond to a cyber extortion threat, such as ransomware.
  • Computer Fraud – First-party coverage designed to respond to a situation where an authorized party gains access to your computer system and uses that access to enter or alter data, causing money to be sent to a fraudulent destination.
  • Identity Recovery – First-party coverage designed to provide you with case management service and financial resources to recover control of your identity after an identity theft.

Remember, cyber thieves don’t care about the size of your business.  If they can get in and take what they want, they will. 

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