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Construction, Construction, Construction!

Posted by Brian Kiley on Feb 23, 2015 9:45:34 AM

Orange as far as the eye can see. Road construction projects are everywhere. In fact, there may not be a single road that isn’t getting some much needed attention. 

While drivers are getting used to seeing orange again, it doesn’t hurt to review some basic rules for driving in construction zones. 

  1. Obey all warning signs: Read all signs carefully, like detours, lane changes, vehicle height restrictions, or other important messages. Be sure to watch for flaggers who may be telling you to stop, slow down, or divert from your current lane, possibly into an oncoming lane. Flaggers aren’t there just for the construction crew’s safety; they’re there for our safety, too! 
  2. Obey posted speed limits: Previously-posted speed limits are frequently reduced in construction zones. Drivers must follow the posted speed limits at all times; it doesn’t matter if construction crews aren’t working. Remember, speeding tickets cost twice as much in construction zones.
  3. road_construcitonPay attention: Don’t get distracted in construction zones. Stay off your phone, don’t touch the radio, and put your sandwich and soda down. Watch out for workers, construction equipment, and fellow drivers who may be in the roadway. 
  4. Be patient: Construction crews are fixing the roads for the benefit of all of us. Remember, most construction projects are posted online before construction begins, so check it out before you leave home. Instead of getting caught up in traffic, find an alternate route or leave earlier so you won’t be late.

While construction season may be a hassle, there is a silver lining. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for that constant “bump, bump, bump, bump” of the rough roads to disappear.

This blog post was written by Brian Anderson, Associate Loss Prevention Representative for West Bend.

Topics: Auto Safety, Distracted Driving

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