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Managing multiple generations
in the workplace

Having multiple generations in the workplace, in some cases four, can offer a unique set of benefits and challenges. In this series, West Bend has teamed up with Ann Kerian to offer some tips to successfully manage and understand each generation. The key is to be aware of each generation’s traits when planning strategies and to recruit and retain the best talent.

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Free Guide: Managing multiple generations in the workplace.


Four generations in the workplace

Today there are four different generations in the workforce, which presents a challenge to management and coworkers. Ann defines the generations and then dives deeper into their characteristics and how to best manage each group.



Known as the “silent generation”, Ann discusses the characteristics of Traditionalists, how they can be wonderful mentors in the workplace and what causes them stress.

Traditionalists: Leverage Loyalty and Experience (Article)


Baby Boomers

Optimistic, driven, team-oriented and old school are characteristics of baby boomers. Find out how they prefer to communicate and what drives them in the work force.

Baby Boomers: Optimistic and Goal-oriented (Article)


Generation X

Did you know that generation X employees will change careers at least seven times throughout their life? Ann discusses how they fit into the work force and how they can fit into your organization’s culture.

Generation X: They Work to Live, Not Live to Work (Article)


Generation Y (Millenials)

Also known as Millennials, Generation Y workers are tech savvy, impatient, and entitled. But, they also lead with their hearts and want to make a difference. If your company wants to grow and change, this generation will get you there fast.

Millennials: Tech-savvy with Big Hearts (Article)


Series Recap and Take-aways

Understanding the unique communication styles and personalities of your employees and clients takes work but is extremely important in creating a work environment that honors your mission, vision and values. Each generation has key strengths and weaknesses and being flexible and open-minded will allow companies to get the most out of each individual.

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