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Networking via LinkedIn

West Bend is proud to team up with LinkedIn expert, author and former CPA, Wayne Breitbarth to offer these valuable LinkedIn training resources for business professionals. Utilize these resources to grow your network, business and personal brand.

LinkedIn Training Articles:

Video Resources:


Free LinkedIn Guide for Accountants


Series Introduction

West Bend Mutual Insurance is happy to team up with LinkedIn expert, author and former CPA, Wayne Breitbarth to offer this free LinkedIn training series for business professionals.


Why Social Media

Learn how to decide if social media is right for you. Of all the social media platforms, find out why LinkedIn is the tool of choice for business professionals.

Do You Really Need Social Media? (Article)


How to Properly Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

An effective LinkedIn profile should be made up of relevant keywords and engaging stories that allow professionals to be found by searchers, and once found, stand out from the competition.

Your LinkedIn Profile: How to Make a Powerful First Impression (Article)


Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Growth

Personal branding is important for both job seekers and non-job seekers. Optimize the keywords on your LinkedIn profile and utilize the professional gallery to showcase your professional expertise.

The Easiest Way For You To Grow Your Brand (Article)


How Much Time to Devote to LinkedIn

Tips on how to be effective on LinkedIn in less than 2 hours per week. Leverage LinkedIn to be a more efficient networker and to eliminate activities that you're currently doing that may be ineffective.

How You Can Get Maximum Results On LinkedIn With Minimal Effort (Article)


How to Develop a Connection Strategy

To get the most out of LinkedIn, develop a strategy to connect with people that can help you grow your business. Without a connection strategy, you may be building a weak network.

How You Can Find And Connect With The RIGHT People On LinkedIn (Article)

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