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What to Expect from Loss Control

Our Loss Control consultants will use a hands-on, personalized approach to help you develop a loss prevention program tailored to your unique business. No two businesses are the same, even within the same industry, so it’s important for us to understand your unique operations, exposures, and control opportunities.

We want to do more than just offer you a plan to reduce and prevent losses. We want to help you develop a culture of safety in your organization in which employees continually look for ways to make the workplace safer.

We work on location with your representative to get a clear understanding of your needs. We'll ask detailed questions about all aspects of your operations to better understand operations, exposures, current controls, and opportunities for improvement. We'll talk about analyzing historical losses to identify top frequency and severity trends, as well as early-return-to-work opportunities. We'll also physically review your plant, operations, and job sites to evaluate the effectiveness of your controls. We carefully analyze current safety practices and conditions, as well as consider your company’s future plans before offering an action plan.

The action plan will be developed with your input to meet your specific needs and you can depend on our experts to help you understand and manage all aspects of the plan. You can also rely on our expertise for help whenever you need it.

By working together, we can help you reduce accidents and injuries, improve work quality and employee morale, improve efficiency, reduce your overall insurance costs, and increase profitability.

Talk to your independent insurance agent to find out how you can get a West Bend loss control program underway in your business.

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