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Cozy Deer

Linda, one of our associates, did it again with the incredible deer photos! She's always in the right place at the right time.

This time she was able to grab a few pictures of them bedding down for the night. They look so cozy underneath the shelter of the pine tree. This is not something you see often, how cool! πŸ“ΈπŸ¦Œ

Deer Bedding Down

Snowshoeing Fun

Jim starts every morning by heading out to the prairie for some exercise. He grabbed this photo today while snowshoeing! He said, β€œit's my time to think in a serene setting and prepare for the day.”
The prairie and walking trails are just two of the awesome perks of working at West Bend. Thanks for sharing this picture with us, Jim! It really does seem like the perfect way to start the day! ❄️
Jim showshoeing


Rime Ice

Last week was absolutely gorgeous with the rime ice! It forms when supercooled water liquid droplets freeze onto surfaces. The deer were an added perk to the beauty of our campus. Rime ice


Patio Parties

The majority of our associates are still working from home. We've greatly missed our work friends so we scheduled some safe patio parties to remedy that. Food, drink, and much-needed smiles and conversations were had. Thanks to everyone that came out! Patio party pic #1



Isn't it amazing how tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies?  Sometimes, if our associates are lucky, they catch a glimpse of the butterflies enjoying the flowers in the prairie.  IMG_2499


Prairie Garden Pavilion

There was snow on the ground when construction of our new pavilion began, After many months, it's finally complete!

We asked associates to submit ideas and help us name the new structure. Marv, our former landscaping and ground supervisor, came up with the winning name. We love it and can't wait for associates to enjoy the new Prairie Garden Pavilion! 

prairie garden pavilion


Chalk the State

We followed the idea from The Museum of Wisconsin Art and had our very own Chalk the State event for our associates that have returned to work. Check out the creativity and talent!



Nature Walk

Nature is full of so many little surprises. One of our associates grabbed these photos during a walk on our trails a few days ago. We hope everyone has a chance to spend some time outdoors this weekend. β€οΈ

nature walk


Deer Whisperer

It appears we have a πŸ¦Œ whisperer! One of our associates, Linda, has been getting some incredible pictures of the deer on our campus lately. Enjoy these gorgeous and serene photos. We're so grateful Linda shared them with us! πŸ’—



Kindness Week Food Drive

It's kindness week and we're spreading kindness in our community! Our marketing department wanted to help our community with a post-holiday food drive and collected 242 items for Full Shelf Food Pantry. πŸ˜ 86971944_2836688346352442_7823481159584579584_o