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Beauty Insurance by West Bend


Insurance for Salon Owners

Getting coverage for your beauty salon is fast and easy. Get the valuable coverage you need to protect your building, equipment, and the services you provide your customers.

As the owner of a beauty salon and a beauty professional yourself, you have a uniquely-fulfilling job. You, and those who work at your salon, help people look and feel their best. You worked hard to establish your business, and it’s our job to protect you from things that might threaten your success. In any line of work, accidents happen, and the risks double for people who own a business. Protect yourself and your beauty or bodywork business with the right beauty insurance coverage.

Why do I need beauty insurance?

Beauty insurance protects you and your livelihood. As the owner of a beauty salon, defending a liability claim can be expensive, costing thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without professional beauty and bodywork insurance, you could risk losing your hard-earned business, future earnings, reputation, and valuable property. Your credit score could also go down, making it harder to get your business back up and running.

In addition, if you rent chairs or space to independent contractors, you may be responsible for their acts, and that’s another great reason to make sure you have the right insurance. If an independent contractor doesn’t have insurance, the injured party may look to you and your salon when seeking recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


What kind of insurance is best for beauty salon owners and what coverage do I need?

Property insurance – This insurance protects your building and its contents, like fixtures and furnishings, from calamities such as fire and wind damage. You also get additional coverages for things like the breakdown of electrical or mechanical systems at your business.

Professional liability insurance - This insurance will cover any potential risk that comes with your profession. If, for example, a client who is cut or burned during styling seeks damages from you for a bodily injury or emotional distress claim, professional liability insurance will protect you.

General liability insurance - All small businesses should have general liability insurance. This insurance will protect you if anyone is injured because they tripped over your chair or one of your cords. It will also cover property damage if, for example, you spill hair dye on a client’s expensive suit or designer handbag.

Business personal property insurance - This covers your equipment, tools, and supplies if there's a fire or other covered loss.


Should my booth renters and chair renters have insurance?

Yes, booth renters and chair renters in the beauty industry need booth rental insurance! In fact, it’s a good idea to require it of the independent contractors at your salon. West Bend can offer coverage for renters on your business owner’s policy or West Bend can provide that coverage directly to your renters.


Why choose West Bend for your beauty insurance?

With an insurance policy from West Bend, you'll have the valuable coverage you need to protect your building, equipment, and the services you provide your valued customers. And getting that coverage is fast and easy!

West Bend's insurance program is specifically designed for the beauty industry and provides all the coverages salon owners need with the best services available. Our claims professionals are highly experienced in handling losses related to the beauty and bodywork industries. West Bend’s mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers through sound insurance and superior service. Your satisfaction helps determine our success.


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