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Workers' Compensation Insurance

With West Bend, you benefit from working with a team of professionals who specialize in Workers' Compensation insurance.

Your team includes a highly-skilled workers' compensation underwriter, a professional loss prevention consultant, and an experienced claims specialist. They'll work closely with your business to monitor cases on an individual basis. Our claims staff includes specialists in certain physical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back ailments. Claim assignments are made with this specialization in mind so a proper match is made for each case.

Communication is an important part of our service at West Bend. We work hard to keep our insureds informed of the progress of each case. We provide updated reports to employers and prepare extensive loss analysis studies to address injury prevention in the workplace.

Workers' Compensation costs have increased significantly in recent years. This increase is attributed to rising medical costs in general, increased litigation of claims, and lack of good workers' compensation claims management.

What's the answer to combating these rising costs? As an employer, you must look for the right insurance company, the partner that can offer effective workers' compensation programs to meet your needs. West Bend is a proven industry leader in workers' compensation insurance. We maintain an ongoing commitment to injury prevention in the workplace and help injured employees return to their jobs quickly while assuring the highest quality medical treatment.

West Bend’s commitment to the highest quality workers’ compensation insurance programs is evident in our monoline workers’ compensation division.

This division specializes in providing high-touch loss prevention services and high levels of claims communication and expertise. Our strength is working with employers who seek insurance solutions to both the short- and long-term costs of workers' compensation.

Our monoline workers' compensation division superimposes its unique model of underwriting, loss prevention, and claims management over the traditional employer, insurance agency, and insurance company marketplace model. We find that when the insurance company, agency, and employer work together toward mutual goals, both the frequency and severity of losses are reduced in the shortest possible time. This allows employers to maximize control over their costs. And it makes our division the Best Remedy for Workers' Compensation®.

Our monoline workers' compensation products and services are available to businesses that are domiciled in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. For more information, please contact an agency in your area that represents West Bend.

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