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Customer Resources

Supporting You Beyond Insurance Claims

At West Bend, our commitment to service extends far beyond assisting with claims. We're here for the moments that matter. From guiding you through premium payments to resolving your billing inquiries, we're by your side. Moreover, we're eager to equip you with strategies to protect your loved ones, homes, vehicles, and business ventures.

Policyholder Assistance


Web Portal and Mobile App

West Bend’s policyholder website and mobile app provide our customers easy and convenient access to view and manage their policies.

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Payment and Billing FAQs

Need help making a payment to your West Bend policy? Find the answers you need with our comprehensive billing FAQs.

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Video Series


Insurance Moms

Are you new to buying insurance or just need a refresher on common insurance scenarios? Don't miss this video series featuring insight from the West Bend moms themselves. Our seasoned insurance moms share their advice to help you navigate your policy with ease.

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Ergo at your Fingertips

Discover how to create a safer, injury-free life with our Ergo at Your Fingertips video series. With topics ranging from ergonomic office setups and workday microbreaks to loading and unloading a shopping cart, our short, impactful videos are filled with practical tips and exercises to enhance your wellness and productivity.

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Driving Safety


Distracted Driving Awareness

Dive into our comprehensive collection of resources, from engaging videos and podcasts to in-depth articles. Arm yourself with knowledge about the risks, regulatory frameworks, and key statistics to help ensure your safety while navigating the roads.

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Teen Driving Resources

Ensuring the safety of teen drivers is a priority for us. We provide a wealth of safe driving resources to our policyholders and their teenage drivers. Explore the variety of driving programs we have available.

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Quickly find the resources you need on our Resource Hub.

No matter if you own a home, rent a space, or run a business, there are plenty of measures you can implement to protect both your property and your employees.

Fortunately, West Bend has a myriad of articles, videos, podcasts, and webinars at your disposal, providing you with the essential knowledge to stay secure.

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