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Homeowners Insurance

With Home and Highway, your home is insured on the same policy as your vehicles and other valuable personal property. The policy provides broad protection for your home including:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost: This means that if your home is destroyed by a covered loss, we'll pay to replace it even if the cost to do so is higher than the limits on your policy.
  • Blanket Coverage: On many homeowners' policies, detached structures like sheds or garages, as well as your personal property and loss of use of your property, have separate limits of insurance. With Home and Highway, you have blanket coverage, or one limit, for all of them.

Home and Highway simply offers more protection for your home. Many coverages are automatically included; others you can purchase for a modest additional premium.


These are just some of the Protector coverages that are automatically provided on your Home and Highway policy at no additional charge.

  • Inflation Guard Protection. This coverage automatically adjusts the limit of insurance for your home to account for the normal increase in the cost of building materials and labor over time.
  • Jewelry. You'll automatically get $5,000 of coverage to protect your jewelry against more types of loss than what's typically included in a basic insurance policy.
  • Go Green. If your home is damaged or destroyed, we'll provide additional coverage to repair or rebuild with materials that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Pet Aid. If your family's pet is the victim of a covered accident, your Home and Highway policy automatically provides you with coverage for some of the expenses you may incur, including reasonable and necessary veterinarian expenses and the cost to adopt another pet if your dog or cat should die from the injuries.
  • Loss Assessment. If you're a member of a condominium or neighborhood association, and property collectively owned by association members is damaged by a covered peril, or if your association becomes liable for a personal injury loss, we'll provide coverage of $5,000 for your share of the loss assessment charged against you.

Protector Plus

Protector Plus bundles four coverages at a preferred price which is more economical than purchasing them separately.

  • Sump pump overflow/sewer backup. If your sump pump overflows or your sewer backs up, this will provide coverage for the water damage to  your basement and the contents stored in it.
  • Open Peril Coverage for Personal Property.This provides coverage for types of losses that aren't covered on your basic Home and Highway, for instance if you spill paint on your carpet or accidentally throw your Wii controller through the TV.
  • Mortgage Extra Expense. If your home must be rebuilt due to a covered loss, this coverage will pay the difference in your mortgage interest rate if the new rate is higher than it had been.
  • Identity Protection Program

Protector Grand

Protector Grand provides still more protection for your home for a nominal additional premium! Here are just a few of the Protector Grand coverages:

  • Sports or Hobby Equipment. An additional $1,000 of coverage to protect your sports and hobby equipment against most types of losses.
  • Deductible Waived While Traveling. We'll waive your deductible if you have a loss to your personal property while you're traveling.
  • Freezer/Refrigerator Power Loss. We'll provide an additional $500 in coverage for food or other personal property that's stored in your freezer or refrigerator and spoils if your home loses power.
  • Golf Cart. You'll have $2,500 of coverage to protect the golf cart(s) you own against most types of losses.

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