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The extra protection you need

Most pet owners today think of their dogs and cats as members of the family and do all they can to protect them from harm. Unfortunately, whether playing in the yard, snuggling beside you on a comfortable chair, or riding in the car, your pets are vulnerable to accidents.
If your pet is the victim of an accident, your West Bend policy automatically provides you with coverage for some of the expenses you incur. Your policy will provide coverage for your domestic dog or cat for sudden and accidental direct injury or death caused by:
   Windstorm and hail
   Vehicles and aircraft 
   Falling objects
We'll pay up to $500 for each pet injured or killed in a covered event and up to $1,500 total for any one event. Payments include reasonable and necessary veterinarian expenses, and the cost to adopt another pet if your dog or cat should die from the injuries.
There’s no additional premium charge for this coverage, nor will you pay a deductible.

Here's how the coverage works:


A fire breaks out in your home while you’re at work. Firefighters rescue your two cats; however, both must be treated by your veterinarian for smoke inhalation. Your West Bend policy will cover the medical costs charged by your vet up to $500 for each cat. 


Your Labrador retriever is playing outside with your children. He chases a ball into the street and is hit by a car. He suffers a broken leg and some cuts. Again, your West Bend policy will cover the veterinarian’s costs to treat him, up to $500. 


While we can’t prevent an accident from happening, West Bend can help your pet get back on its paws.

They are, after all, our best friends.

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