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Our reputation for providing superior service and support comes from the way we've conducted business since 1894. Ask an agent who represents West Bend, or a West Bend policyholder who's had a loss. We're confident they'll speak highly of our fairness, knowledge, understanding, and empathy.

Here are just a few of the things West Bend policyholders had to say about their recent claims experiences:

"Just wanted to send a note in appreciation! I was surprised to get a call from WBMI the next day after my town was affected by the tornadoes. It is nice to know that as a policy holder you are there for my family and I during stressful situations. We were lucky to only have two trees down however; can't say that for many of my friends and neighbors. Thank you for going the extra mile!"
Jacki W/Brownsville, WI/August 2018

"I recently had an accident in which the other party was ticketed and yet his company fought us tooth and nail. West Bend then got involved and exceeded their responsibility by first covering my damages and then took over the fight with the other company. So, bottom line, no contest we purchase insurance to take care of us and West Bend takes care of their customers."
Mike D/Cedar Rapids, IA/August 2018

"I want to reiterate how great an experience it was working with your adjuster. Many times accidents and the need for an insurance adjuster can result in an adversarial atmosphere. Your adjuster’s professional and caring attitude did not allow that to happen.  The quickness of her initial response, the ease at which she made things happen and the lack of stress we experienced were a direct result of her work on our case. 

She truly is an excellent representative of the West Bend Mutual Insurance brand."
Dorothy P/River Falls, WI/February 2018

"A few weeks ago, I was parked at a stoplight in Madison during snow flurries, and an uninsured driver hit me from behind. When I called in the claim, I was connected with Krista, who was absolutely amazing from the start. She clearly outlined my options, kept me updated, was extraordinarily responsive and just a pleasure to deal with. We've been West Bend customers for nearly 15 years - this was my first time with a claim, and while I hope I won't have another claim, I do intend to be a customer for another 15 years based on my outstanding experience. 

It's easy to do customer service when people are happy, but it takes special skill to help people when the circumstances are not pleasant. Krista is a gem - many thanks to West Bend and especially Krista for all the help!"
Angela W/Madison, WI/February 2018

"I just want to let you know how wonderful Chris has been in the claims process. My parents rolled and totaled their vehicle on the way to their Florida home. Chris has been wonderful to deal with. He has kept in contact with my parents and explained the process along the way. When it’s your parents and the accident is as serious as it was, it adds extra stress and it’s no longer an ordinary claim. I’m so grateful to have had Chris handling this claim!"
Kelly K./Random Lake, WI/ December 2017
“Tyler was very knowledgeable and professional. He took time to listen to my concerns and he went above and beyond to address them. Thank you!” 
Neda M./Carmel, IN/September 2017
“I felt like I was talking to a family member. 100% Professional, 100% Knowledgeable, 100% on All Phases.“
Robert B./Minocqua, WI/August 2017
“Seldom does a mishap turn pleasant. But thanks, to WBMI’s Danielle, my accident was handled in such a professional manner that the entire experience of dealing with West Bend was so pleasant, I almost feel like getting into another one. And should that ever happen, I’ll be sure to ask for Danielle’s dandy touch. I am now a WB fan!”
James P./Minneapolis, MN/July 2017

"Back on April 26, 2016, a representative of West Bend Mutual Insurance provided me with the most exceptional customer service that I have ever received and I wanted to send ... a note of how much I appreciated your kindness, calmness, support, professionalism and overall empathetic care to my family and my needs.

... we were on vacation in a very rural area of southeast MO with a rental car and we pulled of onto an old country road for a quick break.  Without realizing it, all doors were shut and the doors automatically locked with the keys and a 2 year old still buckled in his car seat in the car on a very hot and humid 90 degree day.  We couldn’t get cell service on our phones and no towns nearby to helps us so we had to break into the car ourselves to save our child. I called you frantically crying as I have never been so scared in my life by feeling so helpless as a mom to help my scared, hot and crying child.

I tell this story to all my friends and family of how much we value and LOVE West Bend and will forever be a customer and advocate as the best insurance company ever."
Lisa N./Minneapolis, MN/June 2017

“My representative was good. I have never had a representative in all my years of doing business who took care of things and called about things. He was the best. I wish all things were taken care of like Jim did. He was great and I highly recommend him.”
Shirley M./Monticello, IA/May 2017
“I have worked with Aaron on several claims over the year. Aaron has always been a true professional keeping me informed from start to finish, answer questions and responding to emails or phone calls in a very timely manner.”
Michael T./Madison WI/January 2017
“Jessica was very pleasant and easy to work with. She explained the process and always kept us up to date. I appreciated that very much, as we worked through that emotional and stressful time while (the employee) healed.”
Renee F./Waupaca, WI/January 2017

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