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Medical Billing Information

Workers’ compensation billings for Commercial, Monoline Work Comp, and Specialty are sent to our Kentucky billing address.

PO BOX 14856
LEXINGTON, KY 40512-4856

Fax: 888-772-2805

Email: WBBCP@conduent.com

  • Please include only one bill per email with supporting documents (Black/White images) in one PDF attachment.
  • Do not include bills or medical records in the body of the email.


E-Billing Information for all providers:



Payor IDs are:

  • WBMI WC Claims:  WZ081
  • Specialty WC Claims:  WZ081
  • Argent WC Claims:  WF103

Primary Payer ID: LS253


Sub Payer ID: WF103 (the 0 is numeric, not alpha)


If you’re having an issue sending an electronic submission, contact WorkCompEDI at 800-297-6906 or at Sales@WorkCompEDI.com to discuss options for submission of electronic transactions. Their website is www.WorkCompEDI.com.


When submitting a medical bill or records electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment. If you need claim information, contact West Bend at 800-236-5004.


For additional information regarding submission of electronic bills, please contact WorkCompEDI at 800- 297-6906.


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