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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Most people rely on their primary insurance coverage to protect them from lawsuits. But primary coverages, like homeowners and auto, only cover you to a certain point.

That's where West Bend's Personal Umbrella policy comes in. It provides coverage where your basic Home and Highway coverage ends by giving you a large additional layer of liability insurance -- over and above the liability insurance on your home, auto, boat, and other personal exposures. For example:

  • You're responsible for an accident that permanently disables the other driver. The liability limit on the auto portion of your Home and Highway policy is $250,000 but the other driver sues for $1,000,000 which means your auto policy falls far short of what you need.
  • Your family dog bites a visitor to your home. A jury awards the victim $400,000, an amount that exceeds your homeowners' liability limit.

West Bend's Personal Umbrella limit starts at $1,000,000. Higher limits are available. Your independent insurance agent can help determine the amount of coverage that's best for you.

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