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Digital Storefronts Help Independent Insurance Agencies Evolve

Posted by West Bend Insurance on Apr 14, 2020 8:44:00 AM

WEST BEND, WI – April 14, 2020 – Independent insurance agencies are rising to the challenge of today’s changing environment amidst the growing pandemic. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company’s investment into The Internet of Insurance powered by Dais Technology, Inc. funded over 1,350 digital agency storefronts for independent agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin during this pandemic. A build of this size was unprecedented but accomplished in 90 days thanks to strong partnership and a need to accelerate the opportunity of industry transformation.

Digital storefronts from the Internet of Insurance are digital portals for agencies to connect with prospective policyholders. The technology allows them to obtain quotes for them in an efficient manner with their carriers by using one streamlined workflow. The storefronts allow agencies to connect with affiliate marketing partners, e-commerce sites and most importantly with their local communities. Individual producers or unique program managers can all create their own custom branded digital storefronts with this platform.


Matt Banaszynski, CEO of the Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, said “West Bend’s investment makes it possible for every one of our members to digitally connect to their carriers. The Internet of Insurance creates a universal remote where our member agencies have a modern technology platform and can finally take full advantage of carrier technology investments that save time in quoting. We look forward to bringing these capabilities to the rest of the states across the country with many of our state Big I partners.”

Kevin Steiner, President and CEO of West Bend, said “This is a time when we all have to come together to help the industry adapt to a digital reality. We are also in the process of connecting our APIs to the Internet of Insurance to further help agencies.” Dan Riley, CEO for the Minnesota Independent Agency and Brokers Association, said, “We appreciate West Bend’s investment because it allows us to provide this extremely valuable offering at no additional cost to our members. Everyone in our business needs this right now.”