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West Bend plants trees

Posted by West Bend Insurance on Oct 10, 2023 4:07:11 PM

In partnership with the Milwaukee Recreation Department and the Arbor Day Foundation, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company and volunteers from 10 of our agency partners put their green thumbs to use and planted more than 30 trees at Bryant Playfield in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trees at Bryant Playfield had previously been removed because of damage from the emerald ash borer. Adding these trees will help combat the area’s urban heat island and create a sanctuary for wildlife and community members on the Northwest side of Milwaukee.

While serving our communities is one of West Bend’s guiding principles, this project had special significance as it’s tied to our initiative to save paper.

"So, if we could incentivize people to think about going paperless by also showing that we are putting the paperless side to work here by planting some trees, it was a perfect match for us to cut down on some costs but also help the environment," said West Bend’s CFO Heather Dunn.

The additional hands were also a huge help to the Milwaukee Recreation Department, as they don’t have the manpower to do plantings like this on their own.

“It means a lot ...it definitely helps out,” said Jordan Meyers, Milwaukee Rec maintenance manager. “It’s people who want to actually make a difference. We’re right next to a school here, so that’s the main thing, trying to beautify the community and green the gray.”


West Bend associates plant trees at Bryant Playfield in Milwaukee.


West Bend associates work on digging hole to plant tree.

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