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Discounts and Resources


Discounts Available

Money-saving discounts are also available for West Bend policyholders, including:

  • Safe and accident-free driver
  • New and updated home
  • Protective devices
  • Specialized construction materials or methods
  • Multi car family
  • Good student
  • Resident student
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Professional group memberships

The Power of One®

One policy
A West Bend policy protects just about everything you own on one policy: your primary residence and the valuable possessions inside, your summer home, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, RV, classic car, jewelry, artwork, and more!

One premium
One policy means one premium. It’s much better to pay one premium instead of two, three, or even four. And with the variety of payment options West Bend offers, paying your premium is easy!

One deductible
One policy also means one deductible. For instance, if your home and car are damaged in the same loss, like a fire or tornado, you’ll only pay one deductible!

One agent
And it’s all available from one independent insurance agent who will work closely with you to tailor the coverages to your lifestyle.


Claim Free Award

The Claim Free Award is a unique and exclusive feature. Get a portion of your premium back – in cash – if you don't have a claim!

Each year there are no claims on your policy, you'll receive a portion of your earned annual policy premium. This cash-back award is our way of saying thank you for being claim free. And it's yours to use any way you like!



Our lives are marked by important events. Fortunately, West Bend is with you through the generations and all the changes that come with moving through life.

There's no need to find new coverage when you enter a new phase of life. When you have a West Bend policy, you have peace of mind that protects you and your family through the generations.

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Tips to help avoid losses

Keeping you safe in your home, on the road, and at work is important to us. Here you'll find tips for doing just that. You'll also find helpful information on reporting claims and other safety tips.

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