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West Bend's monoline workers' compensation division

The Best Remedy for Workers Compensation®

Located in Waukesha, WI, our workers' compensation claims professionals collaborate with policyholders and their independent insurance agents to improve their workers’ compensation performance through customer-focused loss control and risk management services, medical cost containment, education, and communication.

Our customers make an investment in their insurance future by selecting The Best Remedy for Workers' Compensation.


E-Billing Information for all providers:


Primary Payer ID: LS253

Sub Payer ID: WF103 (the 0 is numeric, not alpha)

If providers are having an issue sending an electronic submission, they should contact WorkCompEDI at 800-297-6906 or via email at Sales@WorkCompEDI.com to discuss options for the submission of electronic transactions. Their website is www.WorkCompEDI.com.

When submitting a medical bill or records electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment. If you need claim information, contact West Bend Mutual Insurance at 800-236-5004.

For additional information regarding submission of electronic bills, please contact WorkCompEDI at 800- 297-6906.


Workers’ Compensation claims kits

The kit is provided to new workers' compensation policyholders and their agents, as well as to all current policyholders when their policies renew. It contains important claims contact information, an introduction to our current medical cost containment initiatives, and forms to help policyholders implement early-return-to-work programs for their employees.

Access all Claim Kits here.

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