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What photos should you take if you've had a car accident?

If you’ve had a car accident, taking photos of the damage and the scene isn’t likely to be a priority. Photos can, however, provide useful information and are a great way to preserve evidence. Since most of us carry smart phones, cameras are also easily accessible.

Before you take any photos, you must be sure you can do so safely. If there are no injuries, you can safely exit your vehicle, and you can take photos without putting yourself or others in harm’s way, here are photos we recommend:

  • Exterior damage to your vehicle. Include shots of each of the four corners so the viewer can see two sides of the car at once.
  • Exterior damage to any other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • License plates of all vehicles involved.
  • The positions of the vehicles at the crash scene.
  • Vehicle parts, shattered glass, or other debris that may have fallen onto the road.

The most important thing after a car accident is to get help for yourself and for anyone else who may be injured. Take photos only if you’re able to do so safely.