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Specialty Claims

West Bend’s Specialty Division

There are many reasons to choose West Bend to protect your valuable business ... great pricing, exceptional coverages, convenient payment options. Experienced claim and legal professionals who can handle sensitive claims are another reason West Bend could be the company to protect your specialized business.

West Bend’s Specialty Lines division is staffed by claims and legal professionals who have years of experience promptly and competently handling crisis response claims, often the most difficult situations facing businesses ...

  • In the horrible event of a SIDS death in a childcare center or home daycare, or a drowning at a YMCA or summer camp, West Bend’s claims professionals know what to do. Our staff has handled difficult claims like these with compassion and concern; they know how to talk to the business owner, as well as the staff and the victim’s family. 
  • If there’s a claim of neglect or alleged assault at a long-term care facility, our claims professionals are able to help our customers get through the difficult discussions, and use their experience and knowledge to thoroughly investigate the claim.
  • Our claims professionals have decades of expertise in the fire suppression business and speak the language of contractors who install and service them. We understand the codes by which this industry is governed and we know fire suppression design, engineering, and installation.

Because cases like these often require personal contact, West Bend’s specialty claims professionals will travel to the scene of a loss to take control and make sure the situation is handled appropriately.

The ability to competently handle such diverse claims is unique. And West Bend’s customers can count on our claims professionals to use their knowledge, experience, and resources to take care of them.


E-Billing Information for all providers:


Primary Payer ID: LS548

Sub Payer ID: WZ081 (the 0 is numeric, not alpha)

If providers are having an issue sending an electronic submission, they should contact WorkCompEDI at 800-297-6906 or via email at Sales@WorkCompEDI.com to discuss options for the submission of electronic transactions. Their website is www.WorkCompEDI.com.

When submitting a medical bill or records electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment. If you need claim information, contact West Bend Mutual Insurance at 800-236-5004.

For additional information regarding submission of electronic bills, please contact WorkCompEDI at 800- 297-6906.


Workers' Compensation Claim Kits

The kit is provided to new workers' compensation policyholders and their agents, as well as to all current policyholders when their policies renew. It contains important claims contact information, an introduction to our current medical cost containment initiatives, and forms to help policyholders implement early-return-to-work programs for their employees.

Access all Claim Kits here.

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