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Home and Highway® Generations

Our lives are marked by important events ... getting a driver's license ... buying our first car ... buying our first home ... buying a vacation home ... downsizing to a smaller home ... moving to a retirement community. 

Fortunately, West Bend's Home and Highway is with you through the generations and all the changes that come with moving through life.

Teen Years ... Add a newly-licensed driver to your policy. 

College Years ... Property and auto coverages protect young adult children when they're away at college, living in a dorm or other campus housing, or living off campus in an apartment or house. 

Young Professionals ... Enjoy the same great coverages your parents have, as well as an Association Plus® discount, because your parents are current Home and Highway policyholders.

Wedding Bells ... Add your spouse's valuables to your policy and maybe a new car or a larger apartment or a condo.

First-Time Home ... You just purchased a home or condo. There's a Home and Highway policy for that.

Fun Extras ... It's time to add a boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, motorcycle, classic car, maybe a second home or rental property.

Down the Road ... The nest is empty and it's time to downsize from a larger home to a condo or apartment. Maybe you purchased an RV for retirement traveling.

Golden Years ... Even if you no longer drive and don't own a home, a Home and Highway policy will still protect your valuable possessions if you move to an independent living, assisted living, or nursing facility.

There's no need to find new coverage when you enter a new phase of life. When you have a Home and Highway policy, you have peace of mind that protects you and your family through the generations.

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