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Identity Theft Insurance

Did you know identity thieves target victims of virtually every age ... from young children to senior citizens? In this age of electronic communication, no one is safe.

Many victims of identity theft, like those whose physical possessions are stolen, feel violated and uneasy. Identity theft resolution can be emotionally taxing, time consuming, and potentially expensive. It's difficult to know where to begin or how to navigate through the maze created by legal, financial, and credit institutions.

Identity Protection Program

West Bend policyholders have a solution to the problems identity theft can cause. It’s the Identity Protection Program and it’s available to you for a nominal additional premium. 

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With the program, you get: 

  • Access to identity protection services that can help you avoid identity theft in a variety of situations, like when you're traveling, relocating, or getting married or after a disaster.
  • Rapid and effective one-on-one assistance to help resolve identity theft-related problems.
  • $30,000 in expense reimbursement coverage for costs such as attorney fees or lost wages.

What's included in program?


Email Compromise Assist

It’s become commonplace these days; hackers steal valuable personal information you send in an email message. If this happens to you, a fraud specialist will help you identify the potential impacts to your identity, privacy, and reputation if your email account is taken over by an identity thief. If your identity is stolen, the specialist will provide you with resolution services and guidance on how to manage your identity when you use email.


Social Media Compromise

Many people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to communicate and network. Like most other electronic communication tools, social media presents dangers to your identity and the identities of your family members. Get smart about managing your family’s reputation on social networks and help your children recover from online bullying with this expert guidance.


Device Compromise

We take our smart phones, tablets, and laptops everywhere, which, can lead to them becoming lost or stolen. If you’re looking for protection for your device, or if it’s lost or stolen, a fraud specialist will direct you to resources that provide industry-rated options.



Have you ever received an email asking for private, personal, or financial information like credit card numbers or your Social Security number? It happens all the time. Known as phishing, identity thieves steal important information from unwitting victims through emails that appear legitimate. If you're not sure about the legitimacy of an email, a fraud specialist will provide guidance on validating that the sender is trustworthy, so you aren’t scammed.


Breach Assist

Not only are individuals vulnerable, so are commercial entities like banks, stores, and healthcare providers. If you’ve been notified of a data or security breach that may have compromised your personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment card information (PCI), or other legally-protected private consumer information, a fraud specialist can help explain the notification you received and the remediation offered to you. If you experience fraud as a result of the breach and you’re not satisfied with the services offered to you by the service provider, the fraud specialist will help you with resolution services.

Additional services included in program

Proactive Identity Protection

If you’re looking to prevent the fraudulent creation of new credit accounts, a fraud specialist will place a fraud alert on the files maintained by the three major credit bureaus.

Tax Fraud Identity

If you become a victim of tax-related scams and fraud, a fraud specialist will provide expert, one-on-one tax fraud services.

Identity Recovery and Resolution

If you’re a victim of identity theft, you’ll get one-on-one unlimited access to a fraud specialist who'll provide specific services to help you restore your credit and good name.

Travel Identity Protection and Recovery

A service designed to help prepare you for your travels, as well as provide worldwide access to a fraud specialist if you need help while traveling.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

If you're a victim of a disaster, such as fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake, a fraud specialist will help to quickly recapture destroyed documentation needed to rebuild your life.

Medical Identity Recovery Assistance

If you're a victim of medical identity theft, a fraud specialist will help undo the damage from fraudulently-filed insurance claims and/or bogus medical services obtained in your name.

Identity Relocation Protection Assistance

If you're moving, a fraud specialist will help safeguard financial, credit, and identity data during the move.

Marriage Identity Protection Assistance

If you’re planning your wedding or are just married, legally separated, or newly divorced, this program offers a variety of services for these stages of life.

Child Risk Identity Protection Assistance

This advocate-assisted, proactive credit file suppression helps parents and guardians prevent the misuse of personal information for minor children with a heightened risk for fraud.

Estate Identity Protection Assistance

A fraud specialist will help safeguard the identity of your departed spouse from potential misuse by identity thieves.


When debt collectors target you for another person’s debt, a fraud specialist will complete a credit check to determine if the debt was attached to your credit files, contact collection agencies, and help update incorrect entries.

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