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Identity Theft Coverage

Identity Theft Coverage

Did you know identity thieves target victims of virtually every age ... from young children to senior citizens? In this age of electronic communication, no one is safe.

Many victims of identity theft, like those whose physical possessions are stolen, feel violated and uneasy. Identity theft resolution can be emotionally taxing, time consuming, and potentially expensive. It's difficult to know where to begin or how to navigate through the maze created by legal, financial, and credit institutions.

West Bend Home and Highway policyholders have a solution to the problems identity theft can cause. It’s the Identity Protection Program and it’s available to you for a nominal additional premium. With the program, you get:

  • Access to identity protection services that can help you avoid identity theft in a variety of situations, like when you're traveling, relocating, getting married, or after a disaster.
  • Rapid and effective one-on-one assistance to help resolve identity theft-related problems.
  • $30,000 in expense reimbursement coverage for costs such as attorney fees, lost wages, and long-distance phone charges.

West Bend's Identity Protection Program provides access to comprehensive identity protection services for a variety of life situations, including these trending threats:

In addition, West Bend’s Identity Protection Program provides valuable services for all stages of life.

For more than 125 years, West Bend has relied exclusively on independent agency partners to quote and sell our products. From the first seven agents appointed in 1894 to the more than 15,000 agents who represent West Bend today, we’ve fully vetted and selected partners who truly embody our core values of excellence, integrity, and responsibility. So, while we don’t sell directly to consumers, we know you’re in good hands with our trusted agency partners. Use our Agency Locator to find an official supplier of The Silver Lining®.


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