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West Bend’s Identity Protection Program provides valuable services for all stages of life.

  • Proactive Identity Protection Services – If you’re looking to prevent the fraudulent creation of new credit accounts, a fraud specialist will place a fraud alert on the files maintained by the three major credit bureaus.
  • Tax Fraud Identity Services – If you become a victim of tax-related scams and fraud, a fraud specialist will provide expert, one-on-one tax fraud services.
  • Identity Recovery and Resolution Services – If you’re a victim of identity theft, you’ll get one-on-one unlimited access to a fraud specialist who will provide specific services to help you restore your credit and good name.
  • Travel Identity Protection and Recovery Services – A service designed to help prepare you for your travels, as well as provide worldwide access to a fraud specialist if you need help while traveling.
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance – For victims of a disaster such as a fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake. A fraud specialist is assigned to help quickly recapture destroyed documentation needed to rebuild your life.
  • Medical Identity Recovery Assistance – For victims of medical identity theft. A fraud specialist is assigned to help undo the damage from fraudulently-filed insurance claims and/or bogus medical services obtained in your name.
  • Identity Relocation Protection Assistance – If you move, a fraud specialist is assigned to help safeguard financial, credit, and identity data during the move.
  • Military Identity Assistance – For active duty military personnel, especially when stationed abroad.
  • Marriage Identity Protection Assistance – If you’re planning your wedding, just married, legally separated, or newly divorced, this program offers a variety of services for these stages of life.
  • Child Risk Identity Protection Assistance – For parents and guardians of minor children at a heightened risk. This advocate-assisted, proactive credit file suppression helps prevent against the misuse of the child’s personal information.
  • Estate Identity Protection Assistance – For surviving spouses. A fraud specialist is assigned to help safeguard the identity of your departed spouse from potential misuse by identity thieves.
  • Debt-Tagging – When debt collectors target you for another person’s debt, a fraud specialist will run a quick credit check to determine if the debt was actually attached to your credit files, contact collection agencies, and help update incorrect entries.

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