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West Bend's Loss Control Resources

The Loss Control Library

West Bend's highly-skilled loss control team provides documents, videos, training programs/guides, and links to other resources on the Internet. These materials can benefit your company in several ways: 1) They can reduce the time your employees spend researching new or challenging regulatory topics; 2) They can help you save time developing training materials; and 3) They can enhance your knowledge by giving you and your employees the right direction when looking for more research and materials. In a nutshell, using West Bend's Loss Control Library will prevent you from recreating the wheel.

Please choose from the following resource categories:

Reserving Videos and Training Programs/Guides

When selecting the link to a video or training program/guide, you'll be able to e-mail West Bend's Loss Control Department. Usually you'll get a response within one day to confirm the availability of materials. Please provide your complete contact and shipping information in your e-mail request.

Video and Training Program/Guide Reservation Policy

Videos and training programs/guides are available free of charge to West Bend's agents and policy holders. Materials should be returned after ten business days to:

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
Attn: Loss Control Department
1900 S 18th Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095

Return shipments must be insured for $400 for each video or training program/guide reserved.

If you have questions about Loss Control, please e-mail us at LossControl@wbmi.com or call 1(800) 236-5010 ext. 6403.

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