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West Bend Provides a Silver Lining.

The worst brings out our best.

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West Bend Cares

Safety tips you can use

Sure, the role of an insurance company is to provide you with coverage if you have a loss. ‎That’s what The Silver Lining® is all about. At West Bend, we also believe it’s our ‎responsibility to provide you with information that can help you prevent a loss in the first ‎place. In addition to what you’ll find on our Tips page, our blogs are a great resource for ‎information you can use.‎

Visit the West Bend Cares page on this website to get helpful tips on everything from flu ‎shots to carbon monoxide detectors to hiring a chimney sweep.

If you own a small business, visit our SMARTbusiness™ blog for tips to ensure it has the ‎coverages you need, like Money and Securities or Business Income.‎

Cold Weather Pet Tips

Keep your pets safe in cold weather

Freezing temperatures are a part of life in January. Hopefully you’re taking the right steps ‎to keep you and your family warm in the frigid cold. And when the mercury dips into ‎dangerously cold temperatures, be sure to follow these suggestions from the ASPCA to ‎keep your pets safe, too.

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frozen pipes

Keep your pipes from freezing!‎ ‎

January is here and so is the winter chill! The American Red Cross offers these tips to keep ‎your home's pipes from freezing this winter.‎

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