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The worst brings out our best.

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tornado damage

2015 Disaster Area Information

If you’re a West Bend policyholder who’s been affected by recent tornadoes and severe storms that resulted in significant damage, we want to address questions you may have related to your insurance coverage.

Please direct your questions about insurance claims or coverage to West Bend's Claims Department. Click here for contact information.

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Campfire Safety

Campfire safety

It’s camping season and many of us are headed to local, state, and national parks to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. One of the best things about camping is a campfire. Roasting marshmallows, star gazing, and telling ghost stories are just a few of the things to enjoy around a campfire. Building and maintaining a fire requires know-how and responsibility so here are tips for campfire safety from none other than Smokey Bear himself.

motorcycle safety tips

Motorcycle safety tips

Summer is almost here and motorcyclists are out on the road after a long, hard winter! For many of us, it’s been several months since we’ve shared the roads with cyclists, so it’s time for a safety refresher.

Stay alert for motorcycles, as they can be harder to see, even during the day. And be sure to share the road as you do with other motor vehicles because motorcycles have the same rights and privileges on the roadway.

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