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West Bend Provides a Silver Lining.

The worst brings out our best.

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Summer Event

Spring is here!

Do you need insurance for a spring/summer event? We can help! If you help plan or run a special event, you want to make sure it gets the special attention it deserves. The experts at West Bend provide protection for spring and summer events of all sizes, including...

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West Bend Claims Assistance App

We've got an app for that! ‎

If you have an android phone or an iPhone, West Bend offers an easy and convenient way to report a claim. Simply download our Claims Assistance App to begin the process of reporting a home or auto claim immediately.
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Stop the Madness! Woodworker

Stop the Madness!

It may be time for March Madness, but your business insurance shouldn’t make you crazy! If your insurance program isn’t providing the peace of mind you deserve, West Bend can offer a sound alternative. When it comes to business insurance, our underwriters have a broad base of knowledge, as well as extensive expertise and skill. From auto services to light manufacturing to restaurants (and many, many more!), we can provide your business with the right insurance coverages and services. Be sure to talk to an independent insurance agency that represents West Bend.

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