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West Bend Provides a Silver Lining.

The worst brings out our best.

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Be aware of online scams

No one is safe from criminals intent on robbing us of our hard-earned money. Nor are legitimate businesses immune to scams. West Bend was recently made aware of a scam involving the use of checks that appear to be from our company. Here are the specifics.
1) Individuals involved responded to a Craig’s List online site to work from home.

2) Once contact is made via the website, all virtual communication is conducted by text message with someone who calls himself Jeffery.

3) Within two days, a USPS priority, two-day mail envelope is delivered with a check in the amount of $2,350. The check appears to come from West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

4) The return address is Indianapolis, IN.

5) Instructions direct the recipient to cash the check at their bank, then posing as a secret shopper, wire the money from one of three locations: Wal-Mart, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

6) The individual named authorizing the letter and action is Jeffery Kenar, payment officer.
Please be aware this is a scam! West Bend Mutual Insurance would never participate in such an activity and the checks that appear to come from our company are fraudulent. If you receive correspondence like the one described here, please contact your local authorities immediately. DO NOT cash the check or wire the money as instructed.
Insurance is about protecting our precious belongings. Being aware and cautious is also vital in keeping your valuable savings safe. For more information on how you can protect yourself, visit this Federal Trade Commission website.


West Bend is an expert on restaurants

Do you own or manage a restaurant? If so, West Bend could have the right insurance program for you.
We’re proud of our broad base of knowledge when it comes to understanding commercial risks. In fact, we’ve probably written every class of business at one time or another. Over the years, however, we’ve developed extensive expertise of certain risks and the skills needed to underwrite them. Because of this, West Bend has become competitive in writing these classes.
If you own a restaurant, you know. The most valuable things are also the hardest to get. Your business didn’t grow overnight. It came from years of hard work, confidence in what you could do, and making smart decisions.
That’s why a business insurance policy from West Bend makes sense. It protects your valuable business so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our underwriters know and understand what coverages are necessary to protect restaurants so West Bend’s program offers a complete selection of coverages needed to protect you, your employees, and your property.
We specialize in fine dining or supper clubs, family-oriented restaurants, cafes, delicatessens or sub shops, and pizza restaurants. These restaurants are well established, at least three years in business, and financially stable.
If you own or manage a restaurant, talk to a West Bend independent insurance agent to see what we can do to provide your business with the comprehensive coverages your business needs.

West Bend can insure your Special Event

In August, the Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics captivated many Americans. While total insurance costs for the Rio Olympics are unknown, the Chicago Tribune reported in 2009 that Chicago, one of the four finalists to host the 2016 summer games, included $1.2 billion in insurance costs into their Olympic bid. The majority of this cost was allocated to liability insurance, to protect against lawsuits from property damage or injuries. This staggering amount highlights the necessity of insuring special events.

Few special events reach the magnitude of the Olympics, but to West Bend, yours is just as significant. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your event. We understand the importance identifying the right liability coverage to meet your specific needs, and will provide professional and experienced customer service should a claim occur.

We have experience in insuring big and small events. Our special events program provides coverages for:

  • Fairs (small to mid-size)
  • Festivals
  • Reunions
  • Dances
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Meetings
  • Art and craft shows
  • Theatrical performances
  • Games of chance
  • Farmer’s/Flea markets
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Haunted houses
  • Christmas tree lots

Contact an independent insurance agent to learn more.

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