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West Bend Provides a Silver Lining.

The worst brings out our best.

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Break up the winter boredom with some unique national observances

Are you feeling the effects of winter? The season’s reduced sunlight and other weather conditions can lead to boredom and restlessness for both adults and children. Many people look forward to national holidays, like Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, to break up the monotony of winter. To help fight cabin fever, consider participating in some lesser-known, unofficial national observances:

February 9: National Pizza Day – With endless combinations of toppings, a well-built pizza can bring a smile to almost everyone’s face. Create and enjoy your perfect pizza on February 9.

February 17: National Random Acts of Kindness Day – Make a point to do nice things for others. You might just make their day, as well as yours! And having your kids participate is a great way to reinforce the values of kindness and respect.

February 26: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day – Who doesn’t love a good story? Share a classic favorite with someone you love or make up one of your own. Ask your kids to let their imaginations run wild and tell you a story. You may be amazed by their creativity.

To read more about these observances and others, click here.


West Bend unveils the Spirit of the Silver Lining® Award!

West Bend is very excited to introduce the Spirit of the Silver Lining Award! The Spirit of the Silver Lining Award embodies the dedication of nonprofit organizations and the generosity of the independent agents who support them. The award was recently presented to seven West Bend agents and six organizations, along with grants from West Bend's Independent Agents’ Fund.

Since we established the Independent Agents’ Fund in 2006, we’ve heard so many amazing stories about our independent agents giving back to the communities where they work and live. We’re proud of how they dedicate their time, talents, and resources to a wide range of causes, truly exemplifying the Spirit of the Silver Lining. This award is our opportunity to acknowledge and highlight some of these generous agents and the nonprofit organizations they passionately support.

Recently, we were thrilled to present the first Spirit of the Silver Lining Awards and grants totaling $90,500 to worthy nonprofit organizations.

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West Bend is an expert on safety and security services

Protecting your customers and giving them peace of mind is what you do best, but who does that for you? If you own or manage a safety or security services business, a West Bend policy could give you the same peace of mind you provide to your customers.

We specialize in insuring businesses related to protection and security, such as alarm installation service and repair, fire suppression installers and repair, armed guards, private detectives, and many others. Our coverages include property, general liability, and auto liability. We understand and recognize your business insurance needs. We’re committed to supporting you with proper coverage and competitive pricing, as well as with claim representatives who are highly experienced in handling security industry losses.

Click here to learn more about our specialized coverage offerings or talk to a West Bend independent insurance agent to design a comprehensive insurance program that’s right for your business.

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