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Be careful clearing snow

Old Man Winter has been wreaking havoc recently throughout the U.S. If you live in one ‎of those places, please remember to follow these safety tips from the Snow and Ice ‎Management Association if you’re shoveling, and these tips from Consumer Reports if you’re ‎snow blowing.

Spring ahead March 8

Spring ahead March 8 ‎

Winter may seem far from over but March 8 brings a sign of brighter days to come when ‎many parts of the country spring ahead to Daylight Savings Time. It officially begins at ‎‎2:00am CST Sunday, March 8. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you ‎go to bed March 7! And be sure to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon ‎monoxide detectors!‎


Play it safe this winter‎ ‎

Winter is a favorite time of year for many people who like to snowmobile. While this sport ‎provides hours of enjoyment, it also requires responsibility. Each year approximately 200 ‎people die and another 14,000 are injured in snowmobile accidents. If you’re hitting the ‎trails this winter, please be sure to drive responsibly to keep you, your passengers, and ‎other snowmobilers safe.‎

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