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November 2020 Update on OSHA COVID-19 Violations

State OSHA vs Federal OSHA – Is There a Difference?

Safety Has No Easy Button Recap

Safety Has No Easy Button – Part 5

What is the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

OSHA COVID-19 Update and Safety Bytes Anniversary

Don’t Lobotomize Workplace Safety

Safety Staff – Cop or Consultant?

Safety Has No Easy Button - Part 4

Have you Heard of Ototoxicants? Learn About This Potential Hazard in your Workplace

A Brief History of Workplace Safety

Keep Employees Alive when Driving or Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents

OSHA Heat Stress Violations

Should we stop emphasizing three points of contact?

Safety Has no Easy Button Part 3

Forklift Training Part 2 - Types of Forklifts and Trainer Qualifications

OSHA is Now Issuing Respiratory Protection Citations for COVID-19

Forklift Training

Skylights Take Another Life

Safety has no Easy Button: Part 2

Court rules OSHA Log Summary is public information

Does OSHA let an employee refuse unsafe work?

How does OSHA use consensus standards to create safe workplaces?

Written Procedures - Follow them to avoid injury and OSHA citations

OSHA Issues First COVID-19 Citation

Update on OSHA COVID-19 Recordkeeping

Safety has no Easy Button: Part I

A different way to think about safety and the loss of a safety visionary

Humans are terrible at paying attention

Can OSHA Send You to Jail?

OSHA COVID-19 Update

Must employees who have had COVID-19 be recorded on your OSHA 300 Log?

You cannot audit yourself to safety

What are Consensus or ANSI standards?

Keep employees safe while working at home

This podcast is not OSHA approved

Not All Safety Incentives Make a Workplace Safer

Workers' Compensation and Coronavirus

Are you safer at work or at home?

Should you allow employees to wear headphones or earbuds in the workplace?

What is Safe, Safety, and a Safe Workplace

The elements OSHA must prove for a General Duty Clause Violation

General Duty Clause - OSHA's most comprehensive standard

Three keys to successful safety talks

OSHA citations in multi-employer worksites

Are you using leading or lagging indicators to measure safety performance?

Reduce pneumatic nail and staple gun injuries by more than half

Does your workplace require multitasking?

Lack of light duty costs employer $3.3 million

Let's throw shoulder injuries out with the trash

Evaluate your emergency evacuation meeting locations

Control of hazardous energy - Lockout Tagout inspections

Let's remove Tagout from your vocabulary and lockout program

Drone use in OSHA inspections

Is online training acceptable to OSHA?

Should you require a warrant for an OSHA inspection?

How to Respond to Workplace Violence

Effective Corrective Action Plans

Accident Investigation

Emergency Eyewash & Shower

No Average Safety Program

Worm Drive Hose Clamps

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