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Sledding Safety Tips

Sledding is a fun winter activity, but sledding also poses some major hazards.

Tips on When to Review Your Insurance Policy

Because life is constantly changing, it’s wise to review your policy more frequently. Here are some times when you should review your policy.

Home Improvement Projects and Insurance Coverage

Before you start any home improvement project it's best to contact your insurance agent to ensure there is proper coverage.

Aquatics Safety and Hypoxic Blackout

Many people may not have heard of hypoxic blackout, also referred to as shallow water blackout. This is a very dangerous event that can result in even the best swimmer drowning. Essentially, hypoxic blackout is a loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

Renter's Insurance for College Students

Even though a homeowner’s policy may provide some contents coverage for kids living in a college dorm, living in an apartment brings about a new set of issues. Here are some common reasons why parents and students may underestimate the importance of renter’s insurance.

How to Prevent Vehicular Hyperthermia in Children

It’s important for adults to recognize the risk of leaving a child in a vehicle and take these steps to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Tips to Prevent a Collision Between Your Car and a Deer

For those of us who live in the Midwest, fall is a great time of year. Unfortunately, this is also the peak time of year for deer and auto collisions.

Tips for Staying Safe While Driving in Fog

Encountering fog while driving can be stressful. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe the next time you encounter fog on your journey.

Swimming and Life Jacket Safety

Most people associate life jackets with boating activities but they can also help keep non-swimmers safe in a pool environment. Watch this video for some swimming and life jacket safety tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Here are some tips to help your pet endure and stay safe this Halloween.

Easy Tips for Making Quality Video

To make a great video, all you have to do is follow these simple tips and push the red button.

Tips for Reseeding Bare Spots in Your Lawn This Spring

Are you disappointed with how your lawn looks this spring? View these easy tips for reseeding!

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Help

Finding the right candidate can be tricky, especially if it’s for a seasonal position. Here are a few tips to make the process a bit easier this holiday season.

Tips to Help Prevent Candle Fires in Your Home

As good as they smell, candles can be dangerous, especially if you’re not careful.

RV Driving Safety Tips

Whether you’re a rookie looking to rent an RV or are a veteran RV owner, here are some driving safety tips you may find helpful.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Every year, West Bend adjusters handle numerous burst pipe claims thanks to the extreme Midwest weather. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help prevent this from happening in your home or business.

Tips for Practicing Fire Safety All Year

It's important to raise awareness about fire safety in order to keep you and your family safe. Here are some fire safety tips everyone should follow.

Tips for Getting your Business Started on Social Media

Watch this quick video to help your business succeed on social!

Toxic Chemicals and Children

Quick tips to keep kids safe while in childcare settings.

Understanding Law or Ordinance Insurance Coverage

Ordinance or Law is defined as coverage for loss resulting from compliance with or enforcement of ordinances that regulate the construction, demolition, repair, or use of property.

Home Rebuilding Costs

Your home is one of the most valuable and important assets you will ever own. Do you know if it’s protected properly with the correct insurance policy?

Cleaning Chemicals: How to Protect Employees and Reduce Exposure

Protect workers by ensuring proper use and self-protection practices when dealing with cleaning chemicals during this unprecedented time.

Photo Estimating

Photo Estimating

Underground Service Lines

Underground Service Line Coverage

Fire Suppression System

A Fire Suppression System Success Story.

Insurance Limits - Buildings

When it comes to insurance, building limits are commonly misunderstood.

Choosing Childcare

What to Look For When Choosing Child Care


E Bikes - What they are, safety and insurance coverage information

Auto Insurance

The Facts About Auto Liability Insurance

How to Buy Insurance

How to Buy Insurance - What's Best for You?


Tips for moving your child into their college dorm

Auto coverage gaps for your grown children that have moved out

Innovations in Workplace Safety – Virtual Reality

Grilling safety tips for all experience levels

Keeping Safety a Priority while Dealing with the Challenges of a Labor Shortage

Summer vacation road trip survival tips

Common weather myths

Do You Use Proper Ergonomics When Sitting at a Desk

Beginners’ tips for learning to ride a motorcycle

Information and safety tips for fertilizing your lawn

What you need to know about Underground Service Line coverage

OSHA’s Willful Violation

Tips for hiring a landscape company

If your home is destroyed, can it be rebuilt?

Combatting Complacency

Don’t get fooled by these identity theft tax scams

Watch Out for Black Ice

Tips for taking care of your jewelry

Tips for insuring your jewelry

Stay safe with these sledding tips

Defensive Driving

Tips for staying safe during the next big winter storm

Winter Weather Preparedness for Drivers

Tips for picking out the perfect live Christmas tree

Invest in Your Employees and Company with a Smoking Cessation Program

Does your auto insurance provide coverage for hitting a deer?

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry

Tips to help you survive the end of Daylight Saving Time

Protect Your Company from Ransomware Attacks

Remote Working Ergonomics

Benefits of a furnace inspection

Slip and Fall Protection

Don't Let Work Become a Pain in the Neck

Fire Prevention Month safety tips

Loading Dock Safety

Eyewash Stations

Ladder Safety: An eye-opening example

Tips for maintaining your yard this fall

Lifting from Industrial Containers

School Parking Lot Safety Tips

Stair and Stepladder Safety

Preparing for Severe Weather on Construction Sites

Safety Incentive Programs

Tips for keeping your college student safe when riding a scooter

Importance of Debriefing Post Adverse Behaviors

Tips to help you with your child’s transition to college

100th Podcast – Give 100% for Safety

Distracted Driving - Part Four: Manual

Do you have insurance coverage if Mother Nature takes down a tree in your yard?

Distracted Driving - Part Three: Visual

Distracted Driving – Part Two: Cognitive

Distracted Driving – Part One: Introduction

What to know about renting and operating a jet ski or boat

Roadway Work Zone Safety

Ergonomics for the Road

Body Mechanics Training for Caregivers Doesn’t Protect Them from Injuries

4th of July pet safety tips

Team Up for Resident Safety

Eleven tips to protect your campsite this summer

What are Slip-Resistant Shoes?

Driving Safely In Inclement Weather

Benefits of Microbreaks For Your Employees

Insurance tips for new college graduates

Triggers for Adverse Behaviors in a Healthcare Setting

Gait Belt versus Sit-to-Stand Mechanical Lift Transfers

Driving tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Ergonomic Hierarchy of Controls

Safe Work Zones

Understanding water damage claims

How can you evaluate ergonomic risk to your workers?

Keep Eye Strain at Bay with Simple Ergonomic Tips

Spring home maintenance

Top OSHA Citations by Industry

Physics of a Transfer: The foundation for injury prevention: Caregiver

Loading Area Fatalities

No more mistakes when replacing windshield wipers

Keep It In Reach

First Standard for Barrier Facepieces

Watch out for that pothole!

Adjustment to OSHA Penalty Amounts

Financial Impact of Light Duty

The different types of sidewalk salt and when to use them

Volunteers and Workers' Compensation

Safety Often Begins with Tragedy and Injury

5 tips to keep your pipes from freezing

Enforceable? OSHA Guidance on Covid-19

ADA vs Workplace Safety Rules - Which One Wins?

Are there any benefits to warming up my car on a cold day?

Time to Post your OSHA Summary and Submit your Records Electronically to OSHA

Welcome to 2021 – What are your Safety Goals?

Protect your family from the dangers of radon gas

OSHA Compliance vs Injury Compliance

Pallets - An Ignored Safety Hazard

Can Employers Require Employees to Get Vaccinated for COVID? Should They?

Power strip safety tips for your family

Should Employers Self-Pay Workers' Compensation Claims Out of Their Own Pocket

Safety Improvements for an Aging Workforce

Tips for protecting yourself against holiday theft

November 2020 Update on OSHA COVID-19 Violations

Do you see the deer looking at you?

State OSHA vs Federal OSHA – Is There a Difference?

Safety Has No Easy Button Recap

Five tips for staying mindful when transitioning to fall

Safety Has No Easy Button – Part 5

What is the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

Don’t burn your house down when converting to LED lighting

OSHA COVID-19 Update and Safety Bytes Anniversary

Don’t Lobotomize Workplace Safety

Safety Staff – Cop or Consultant?

Safety Has No Easy Button - Part 4

Have you Heard of Ototoxicants? Learn About This Potential Hazard in your Workplace

Fire safety tips to keep college students safe

A Brief History of Workplace Safety

Keep Employees Alive when Driving or Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents

Making time for your family while working from home

OSHA Heat Stress Violations

Should we stop emphasizing three points of contact?

Fire pit safety tips

Safety Has no Easy Button Part 3

Forklift Training Part 2 - Types of Forklifts and Trainer Qualifications

Keep your pets safe from common household items

OSHA is Now Issuing Respiratory Protection Citations for COVID-19

Forklift Training

Eleven tips to avoid or handle hydroplaning

Skylights Take Another Life

Safety has no Easy Button: Part 2

Eleven tips to save on your utility bills this summer

Court rules OSHA Log Summary is public information

Does OSHA let an employee refuse unsafe work?

Tick invasion: What you need to now

How does OSHA use consensus standards to create safe workplaces?

Written Procedures - Follow them to avoid injury and OSHA citations

Essential safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

OSHA Issues First COVID-19 Citation

Update on OSHA COVID-19 Recordkeeping

Get your lawn mower in tip top shape this spring

Tips to make sure your sump pump is ready for spring

Often forgotten things to clean in your home this spring

Safety has no Easy Button: Part I

A different way to think about safety and the loss of a safety visionary

Humans are terrible at paying attention

Can OSHA Send You to Jail?

OSHA COVID-19 Update

Must employees who have had COVID-19 be recorded on your OSHA 300 Log?

You cannot audit yourself to safety

What are Consensus or ANSI standards?

Keep employees safe while working at home

This podcast is not OSHA approved

Not All Safety Incentives Make a Workplace Safer

Workers' Compensation and Coronavirus

Are you safer at work or at home?

Should you allow employees to wear headphones or earbuds in the workplace?

What is Safe, Safety, and a Safe Workplace

The elements OSHA must prove for a General Duty Clause Violation

General Duty Clause - OSHA's most comprehensive standard

Three keys to successful safety talks

OSHA citations in multi-employer worksites

Are you using leading or lagging indicators to measure safety performance?

Reduce pneumatic nail and staple gun injuries by more than half

Does your workplace require multitasking?

Lack of light duty costs employer $3.3 million

Let's throw shoulder injuries out with the trash

Evaluate your emergency evacuation meeting locations

Control of hazardous energy - Lockout Tagout inspections

Let's remove Tagout from your vocabulary and lockout program

Drone use in OSHA inspections

Is online training acceptable to OSHA?

Should you require a warrant for an OSHA inspection?

How to Respond to Workplace Violence

Effective Corrective Action Plans

Accident Investigation

Emergency Eyewash & Shower

No Average Safety Program

Worm Drive Hose Clamps

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