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How Can You Put A Loss Control Plan Into Action?

Loss control isn't just operational. It's cultural. Successfully implementing a loss control program requires an understanding of safety practices, a commitment to your employees' well-being, and a dedication to making safety not just a practice, but a way of thinking.

So how can you put a loss control plan into action? It's really quite simple.

  1. Contact your independent insurance agent to discuss your needs. Your agent will then contact your underwriter or our Loss Control staff. If needed, a loss control representative will contact you to schedule an appointment to visit your business.
  2. During your meeting, West Bend's loss control rep will review your business' current safety practices with you and/or your safety staff, and if needed, work with you to coordinate a more advanced safety effort. Our goal is to help you develop a culture of safety in your organization which includes improving safety behaviors and implementing engineering controls for exposures, among other things.
  3. With the help of West Bend's loss control rep, you and/or your safety professionals will implement the plan. Using a consultative approach, we'll help you develop a culture of safety using a number of safety practices, including engineering controls, machine guarding, accident investigation, process improvement, and more.
  4. If safety training for your employees is needed, your West Bend loss control rep can help with that training or provide you with training materials.

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