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Metal Goods Manufacturing Insurance

What if a pipe freezes and bursts in your office, damaging or destroying electronic equipment and important files? What if a metal goods product you manufactured was defective and has to be destroyed? Does your business insurance properly cover all the unique risks you face?

West Bend’s business insurance for metal manufacturing companies offers comprehensive coverage to protect you from such incidents.

West Bend products are quoted and sold exclusively by our knowledgeable independent agency partners. Contact one today to learn more about protecting your business with a West Bend policy.

Eligible metal manufacturing businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • Bolt, nut, screw manufacturers
  • Cutlery and flatware manufacturers
  • Pattern manufacturers
  • Pipe or tube manufacturers
  • Sign manufacturers
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Machine shops
  • Decorative metal
  • Metal stamping
  • Precision metal products
  • Welding or cutting

Policyholder Spotlight

Austin explains how working with an independent agent affiliated with West Bend has enabled DACO Precision to foster a safety-conscious environment and secure the necessary insurance coverage to safeguard the business in case of unforeseen events.


Services Offered


Silver Lining Claim Service

You expect more than just peace of mind when you buy insurance. If your property is damaged or stolen, or if you suffer an injury, you should have a fast, fair payment. With West Bend you’ll get it.

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Loss Control Services

West Bend’s Loss Control representatives use a hands-on approach to help you develop programs uniquely tailored to your businesses. We work on location with you to get a clear understanding of your needs. We analyze current safety practices and conditions, as well as consider your future plans before offering an action plan.

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Payment Solutions

We offer many different payment solutions for your convenience that includes a 12-pay option plan and automatic payments.

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Understanding Insurance Coverage for Light Manufacturing Facilities

West Bend considers light manufacturing operations to include manufacturers of small stamped, rolled, turned, pressed, cut, machined, or soldered/welded products or component parts that are made from material other than wood. Operations generally produce items that are simple in nature and physically small. Let’s take a look at some coverages you may want to consider.

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Additional Resources

As part of our commitment to the metal goods manufacturing businesses that we serve, we provide educational resources that outline important topics around running a business and risk management. We want your business to be safe and successful!


Workers' Compensation:
Early Return to Work

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Manufacturer's E&O Coverage

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Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop Safety

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How do I get a quote?

Although we can’t provide a direct quote or write your policy, you can reach out to an independent agent affiliated with West Bend. They can guide you on how we can safeguard your business.