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Commercial and Residential Building Trades

At West Bend, we’re proud of our broad base of knowledge when it comes to commercial risks. In fact, we’ve probably insured just about every kind of business at one time or another. Over the years, however, we’ve developed extensive expertise of certain businesses and the skills needed to underwrite them.

Commercial and residential building trades are those types of business. Because of this, we’ve become competitive in insuring them. Most importantly, our underwriters know and understand what coverages are necessary to protect them.


Our focus is primarily on commercial and residential trade contractors who aren’t ‎involved in heavy-construction operations. Traditional trade contractors include electricians, ‎plumbers, carpenters, HVAC contractors, brick and block masons, concrete masons, carpet ‎layers, and painters. Also included are excavation, grading ‎of land, insulation contractors, and several other specialized commercial contractors. ‎

These contractors generally provide services either directly to a client or as a subcontractor working through a general contractor or construction manager. They’re very focused on the scope of services they provide.

West Bend may be a good fit if the business’ owner and management exhibit obvious pride in the work they perform and have been in business for three or more years with a successful history. These businesses also employ a regular workforce with a core of apprenticeship-trained workers, have excellent jobsite supervision, and properly secure all jobsites to protect the public. They also require their employees to wear appropriate personal protection equipment for all job tasks, maintain a comprehensive safety and training program that outlines expectations, and provide regular safety and job training to all employees.

Find out how West Bend can provide the right coverages for commercial and residential building trades in your area.

If you think West Bend is the right insurer for your valuable business, be sure to talk to your Official Supplier of the Silver Lining. Click here to find an agency near you.

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