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Tips for hiring a reputable contractor when your home or business suffers damage

Whether you’re seeking to hire a home or building contractor for routine maintenance, renovations, or to repair damage from a covered claim, entrusting your home or business property to an inexperienced or fraudulent contractor is a property owner’s worst nightmare. In the worst-case scenario, you’ve spent the money, the project is incomplete, AND additional damage is done to your home or business. 

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Subrogation: What it is and What to Expect

Sometimes an insurance claim can be complicated and cumbersome. There may be elements of the process that are hard to understand. One of those is subrogation, also referred to as “subro.” Unless you’ve had a claim that involved subro, you may not know what it means or what to expect. 

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The Anatomy of a Typical Home Insurance Claims Process

If you’ve ever filed a home insurance claim, you may have wondered what goes on behind the scenes. Insurance companies follow established procedures, and knowing them helps the insured understand the process.

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