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Banning Electronics in Locker Rooms

In the News: A routine check on a respected youth leader’s work computer revealed a hidden cache of child pornography. This material included hundreds of videos and pictures of underage boys engaging in illicit behavior. The discovery was a shock to both parents and friends who knew him as an excellent role model for local children. Further investigating revealed numerous hidden camera videos of underage boys undressing in the locker room where he worked as a pool safety instructor for 3rd grade boys.

New Tech = Big Problemslocker room

Advances in technology are making it easier and easier to record individuals without their knowledge or consent. Phones are equipped with sophisticated video recording that can capture high-quality videos of people anywhere. The frequency of these invasions of privacy is on the rise. Gyms, rest rooms, and locker rooms are the most common places for individuals to record inappropriate material. The size of these cameras makes their use difficult to detect. The most successful method for preventing video camera use in locker rooms is to ban all electronics outright.

Safety Tips

The best method to ensure no one will be video recorded without their knowledge is to ban all electronics from areas where individuals might be in compromising positions. These areas include restrooms, locker rooms, saunas, hot tubs and pool decks. A policy regarding the use of electronics should be well known and prominently displayed.

  • Ban electronic equipment of any kind in areas where members might be changing.
  • Prohibit taking pictures of anyone at anytime.
  • Post signs throughout the facility, especially in and around the locker room areas, describing the electronic equipment policy.
  • Detail the facility’s procedure concerning individuals who violate the no electronics policy.
  • Restrict the use of cell phones to the lobby/entrance area.
  • Inform staff about the dangers of electronics with cameras in locker rooms to increase the awareness and help them identify potential perpetrators.
  • Educate all staff members on appropriately and swiftly responding to violators of your locker room policy.
  • Include policy verbiage on membership applications so members fully understand and embrace the rule.

Topics: Fitness, YMCA