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Can Your Business Survive a Natural Disaster?

Can your business survive a natural disaster? Many don't. More than 30 percent of businesses never reopen their doors after they've been closed down by a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other devastating calamity. A disaster recovery plan and adequate insurance are keys to getting back to business, say the Insurance Information Institute and the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

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Creating a Disaster Supply Kit

Natural disasters can strike at anytime and can leave individuals and facilities without necessary supplies for days at a time. Disaster supply kits are an important and potentially life saving tool all buildings should be equipped with.

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Safety Guide for Volunteer Coaches

Most organizations depend on volunteers to help with their programming in many different ways. One popular volunteer position is a coach for a youth sports team.

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Developing an Emergency Action Plan

What is an Emergency Action Plan?

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written procedure detailing the appropriate response to various types of emergencies.

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Preventing Sunburns

Sunburn Statistics

Frequent and severe sunburns are the leading contributor to deadly skin cancer.

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Preventing Wildfires

Forest Fire Statistics

The United States Forest Service continuously studies wildfires across the United States and their recent statistics demonstrated how dangerous and frequent wildfires are.

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Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

Real Life Tick Bite Stories: A 12-year-old girl began experiencing a wide variety of health problems a few weeks after returning from a fun-filled week at summer camp.

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Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

Extreme Heat in the News: Several high school football players complained to their coach about being exhausted during a preseason workout.

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Lightning Safety

In the News: A lightning strike in a Connecticut State Park has left one person dead and four injured. The victims were taken to Yale New Haven Hospital.

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Sledding Safety

Sledding Injuries in the News: A group of children and their parents went to a local park to go sledding. All of the kids had experience sledding, and they had all sledded this particular hill many times before.

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