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Safe Tummy Time for Infants

One important component of infant safe sleep requirements is to always place babies on their backs to sleep. Putting infants to sleep on their backs has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, babies need to balance the time spent on their backs with time on their stomachs, to strengthen their core and neck muscles and to avoid flat spots on their heads. This is where tummy time comes in. It’s critical for anyone caring for an infant, from parents to childcare providers, to know about and practice safe tummy time. 

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Responding to an Active Shooter

Real Active Shooter Incidents

On April 6, 2007, a single gunman perpetrated the Virginia Tech massacre, and murdered thirty-two people and injured an additional seventeen before committing suicide.

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Farm Animal Safety

Reality Alert: A young child visited a summer fair with his family. One of the exhibits was a petting zoo with farm animals that could be fed and touched.

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Safety Guide for Volunteer Coaches

Most organizations depend on volunteers to help with their programming in many different ways. One popular volunteer position is a coach for a youth sports team.

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