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Navigating winter crosswalks: Essential safety tips for children

Groupo of children walking through snow.

The winter season presents unique challenges, especially for children navigating crosswalks on their way to school. As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, it's crucial to prioritize safety. 

Here are some essential winter crosswalk safety tips to help keep your children safe.

1. Dress for visibility.

The reduced daylight during winter means that visibility is a concern. Encourage your kids to wear bright or reflective clothing. Another option includes putting reflective strips on their jackets, backpacks, and accessories.

2. Wear multiple Layers.

Winter temperatures can be harsh, so dressing in layers is essential. Ensure your children are bundled up warmly with gloves, hats, and scarves. Warm and comfortable clothing helps them focus on safely navigating crosswalks without being distracted by discomfort.

3. Wear proper footwear.

Proper footwear is crucial for slippery conditions. Choose boots with good traction to prevent slips and falls. Encourage them to take small steps and walk slowly when crossing the road.

4. Use designated crosswalks.

Stress the importance of using designated crosswalks and pedestrian pathways. Snowbanks can obstruct visibility, making it unsafe to cross the road at undesignated locations. Also remind them to never dart out between parked cars.

5. Avoid distractions.

Discourage the use of electronic devices while crossing the road. Winter conditions demand heightened attention. A phone call or text message can wait until after they’ve safely crossed. And if they’re wearing headphones, they should be removed while crossing. Distractions can lead to injuries.

6. Make eye contact.

Teach your kids the importance of making eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. This ensures the drivers see them.

7. Never assume.

Driving in snowy or icy conditions can be treacherous. Poor road conditions can make it impossible for cars to stop at a red light. Please stress the importance of being aware of traffic.

8. Cross the street with them.

If your child is ten or younger, they should be assisted by you or a crossing guard.

Following these safety tips can help keep your kids safe during the winter months.

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