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Should you warm up your car on cold days? (Video)

Blog Image warming up my car

The practice of warming up your car in winter before driving has been a subject of debate among drivers and automotive experts for many years. However, with today's modern vehicles, especially those equipped with fuel injection systems, it's generally unnecessary to warm up your car for an extended period before driving. Modern engines are designed to operate efficiently in cold conditions, and driving your vehicle gently during the first few minutes is usually sufficient to warm it up. However, in extremely cold conditions, particularly if you have an older car or live in an area with harsh winters, idling for a short period (around 30 to 60 seconds) can help the oil circulate and improve initial engine performance. It's important to strike a balance, as excessive idling can be wasteful and contribute to environmental pollution. 

Are there any benefits to warming up my car on a cold day? 


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