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Equipment Recalls: STIHL and Guardian

Posted by Kayla Eggert on Aug 4, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Two recently released recalls include equipment manufactured by STIHL and Guardian. Anyone using these pieces of equipment should stop doing so for safety reasons. One recall involves STIHL cut-off machines; click here for more information on the affected models. These have been recalled because the flywheel can break apart while the engine is running, which creates a projectile hazard for the user and any bystanders. STIHL will repair the defect for free.recalls

The second recall is for some models of Guardian’s Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs). Read more about which SRLs are affected here. In some situations, the product’s energy absorber may not deploy properly, which could cause serious injury or death. Guardian will inspect and replace the affected SRLs if they fail testing.

Checking for Recalls

These recalls are just two of many recalls that occur every year. Recalled products or equipment can cause serious injuries, or even death, if the issues aren’t addressed. Does your organization have a procedure to ensure your employees aren’t using recalled equipment? Registering your equipment with the manufacturer when purchased can help with this, as manufacturers will sometimes contact users after a recall. However, this can’t always be relied on, especially for critical safety equipment like the SRLs above.

One way to keep track of potential recalls is to simply check the manufacturer’s website at regular intervals throughout the year. This can be incorporated into the routine maintenance schedule already in place for equipment. Simply add a section to the maintenance paperwork that includes a quick recall check. This way, you can be sure the equipment being used is safe for your employees and anyone else on the jobsite.

Topics: Safety, Product Recall

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