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YMCA insurance coverages

YMCAs, YWCAs, and other community organizations provide invaluable services to their communities. These facilities are often a main..

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Sports and leisure insurance coverages

Businesses that provide sports and leisure activities can be found in most communities. These businesses include amusement centers, sports..

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Special events insurance coverages

You’re part of a group organizing a summer festival. Throughout many meetings your group decides on musical entertainment, food trucks, and..

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Are Your Buildings Properly Insured for Today's Market?

As a business owner, it’s important to realize the cost of building materials and trends in the construction industry to properly assess..

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Reasons to Contact Your Insurance Agent

Imagine this scenario, you’re in the middle of your workday, managing the operations at a small organization. One of your employees comes..

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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Work Comp 101 Webinar

While businesses often spend significant amounts of money on workers’ compensation insurance, the ins and outs of how work comp works can..

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Laptop vs. Coffee – Insurance for CPAs

We all know the important role computers play in business.  Especially if you’re an accountant. A simple accident and poof, your computer..

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Three Types of Business Insurance for Lawyers

Your business works tirelessly to provide nothing but the best for your customers and employees. You want to protect everything you’ve..

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What you need to know about commercial drone insurance

As drones become more commonplace in our airspace, and commercial and recreational use continues to grow, so, too, will the need for..

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Grace periods...A thing of the past?

 Iowa was affected by severe flooding last week and is continuing to clean up.  Can you imagine how a flood or other catastrophe would.. Read More