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How to Make your Office Environmentally Friendly

Posted by Megan Ringwell on Jun 4, 2019 11:56:20 AM

environmentally-friendly-officeGoing green and making your office environmentally friendly is easy and inexpensive. In fact, in many cases, going green will end up saving you money! So, get your employees on board and start making these changes in your office right away.

Here are some quick and easy things you can do to make your office more environmentally friendly.

  • Make sure your office has recycling bins. Take it one step further by making sure each employee knows where they are and what goes in them by labeling them appropriately for paper or plastic.
  • Install a water station and encourage employees to bring in refillable water bottles or cups. This should help eliminate the number of plastic bottles used.
  • Purchase some reusable plates and silverware for the office kitchen. This will greatly reduce the plastic forks and paper plates in your garbage bin each month. It’ll also eliminate the cost of purchasing these products.
  • Power off and unplug. There’s no reason computers need to stay on overnight; encourage employees to turn off computers and unplug chargers when not in use.
  • Install LED bulbs. These use a lot less energy and they last much longer than regular lightbulbs.
  • Stop printing everything. Before printing, ask yourself if it’s necessary. Take this one step further by adding a note at the bottom of your email signature saying, “please consider the environment before printing this email.”

If you’re unable to make these changes all at once, start small and slowly add new practices. Don’t have a physical office space? Consider trying these tips in your home. Going green is good for the environment, and you’ll feel better knowing you’re making positive changes.


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