Surge Protection

Posted by West Bend Staff on Feb 9, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Business owners want to keep their buildings and equipment safe from damage. Extra precautions are often taken for crime and incidental damage from business operations; however, sometimes there’s an unseen exposure for which businesses aren’t protected from. Did you know power surges are one of the leading causes of equipment failure? Being aware of this issue and being proactive can further protect your business.

What is a power surge? 

A power surge happens when there’s a massive spike in the current for an electrical system. This only lasts a fraction of a second but can cause major damage. Anything that’s connected to the system, via outlet or otherwise powered, can be damaged if surge protection isn’t in place.

What causes a power surge? 

We most commonly think of lightning strikes, but they can also be caused by malfunctioning appliances and equipment, improper wiring, power line failure, etc.

How can you protect your equipment? 

Implementing a surge protection device (SPD) is the best way to protect equipment. These devices absorb and divert the high-voltage energy surges to the ground. There are three types of SPDs:

  • Type 1 is installed on the power line side of the energy services and provides protection from external surges.
  • Type 2 is installed at all non-service panelboards and offers protection from external and internal power surges.
  • Type 3 is supplementary and provides protection specifically for a single piece of equipment.

SPD pics for LC blog 1-22Power surges are unavoidable. Having a surge protection plan and implementing the use of all three types of SPDs will help protect your assets. Only surge protection that’s properly sized and grounded can be successful in preventing equipment damage. It’s recommended that a licensed electrician install all surge protection devices. West Bend works with Hartford Steam Boiler to utilize their expertise on topics like these. Check out their blog with useful information for all types of businesses.

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