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The Benefits of Hiring Interns for Your Chiropractic Clinic

Posted by Kristin Bowen on Jul 11, 2019 9:04:10 AM

intern-chiropractic-clinicLet’s face it. There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done in your busy chiropractic office. You’re busy helping people all day, so where do you find the time to work on extra projects that have been on the back burner?  Maybe you could benefit from starting an internship program.  Consider these reasons:

Find future employees.  Hiring interns is kind of like a test run.  While you agree it’s a temporary position for now, if they perform well, they may want to return next year, or you may consider them for full-time positions. 

Increase productivity.  The more staff you have on board, the more work that gets done.  Interns can work on getting your chiropractic clinic more organized and complete special projects that have been forgotten over time, leaving you with less stress.

Gain new perspective.  A fresh set of eyes in your clinic will give you a new perspective.  In many cases, an intern may not have a medical background, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Fresh ideas will breathe new life into projects and maybe even processes. 

Experience lower cost.  Because they’re interns, you don’t have to break the bank when hiring.  Offering a fair wage for their work is appropriate because you’re providing learning and training opportunities.  In many cases, this may be their first work experience.

Provide management opportunity.  Thinking about giving an existing employee a shot at management?  Supervising an intern would be a great way to let him/her shine and gain some experience while you coach and observe.

Topics: Business, Risk Management

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