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The Best Winter Safety Tip You Might Not Know

Posted by West Bend Staff on Sep 21, 2020 1:57:38 PM

West Bend's claims adjusters handle an unbelievable number of slip and fall injuries for our customers each winter. And this isn't completely unexpected. Even though it's only September it's still a good time to start preparing for winter. The fact is, right now is the perfect time to put one of the best - and least utilized - winter safety tips in to practice. No, we're not asking you to sharpen your snow shovels, stock up on salt, or start those dreaded shoulder and back strengthening exercises. One of the best things you can do to prevent winter-related injuries now is:

Wait for Rain

How is waiting for rain going to help prevent slip and fall injuries?

  • What happens when it rains? We get puddles.
  • Where do puddles form? Any place we have an indentation or depression in the ground.
  • Where will snow thaw and inevitably refreeze? The same place puddles form.

Slips don't always just end with a sore bottom and bruised ego; we often see concussions, fractured bones, and even miscarriages. Don't let your members or employees turn into slip and fall victims this winter.

Keep a close eye on puddles. 

Consider some of these ideas for preventing puddles:

  1. Adjust or attach rain gutters.
  2. Dig a trench to gather rain water.
  3. Use a rain barrel to catch water. Can also be used to water plants!
  4. Fill and level potholes.
  5. Aerate grassy areas to allow more moisture absorption.
  6. Plant more trees and shrubs.

Topics: Slips and Falls, Weather

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