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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Claims Best Practices Webinar

Posted by Kayla Eggert on Nov 11, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Most companies focus much of their efforts on preventing employee injuries by developing a strong safety culture. This is very important, as keeping employees safe helps everybody! However, sometimes despite everyone’s best efforts, injuries happen. When injuries and work comp claims occur, organizations can, and should, take a proactive approach to managing their claims. This helps keep costs as low as possible.

But how exactly does an organization create a plan to manage their work comp claims? What are some best practices that should be incorporated into the organization’s process for reporting and following up on claims? The work comp experts at West Bend created a webinar that explains just that! Check it out along with some key points highlighted below.

Webinar Key Points

1:28-Why is this important? Benefits to organizations from managing claims properly: saves money and promotes safety culture.

2:35-Hiring best practices: These can prevent claims and injuries.

5:00-Job descriptions: What should these look like?

7:38-Orientation for employees: Explain what’s expected from employees if they’re injured.

10:20-Reporting a claim: Timeliness is very important.

14:03-Investigation: How to properly conduct an investigation into an injury to help minimize costs for employers.

28:04-Medical treatment: Communicating with doctors and the injured worker.

31:22-Return to work: Make sure light duty is offered to employees.

36:46-Communication: Clear communication with the employee and adjuster handling the claim.

39:07-Insurance carrier: Use their expertise and resources!

Topics: Workers' Compensation

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