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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Effective Safety Committees Webinar

Posted by Kayla Eggert on Jan 27, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Have you ever wondered how a safety committee could benefit your organization? Or maybe, you have a safety committee already established but you’re not sure if it’s being as effective as possible. Our work comp experts have a webinar that explains the benefits of having a safety committee, how to decide who’s on the committee, and how to effectively use their time in meetings and throughout the year. Use this webinar to help your organization make 2021 the safest year yet!

Webinar Key Points

3:00-What are the benefits of a safety committee? Employees are more likely to follow safety practices if they’ve had some input.

5:22-Who’s involved in a safety committee? The more diverse the better.

6:41-Who should be a member of the committee? Employees who have interest, set good examples, and work well on a team.

9:00-Duties of the members on the committee

14:40-What’s the issue? Photo examples of issues committee members could address.

23:36-Committeee meetings: Frequency and ideas for meeting topics

34:14-Accident investigations

37:17-Reviewing losses as a safety committee: Why and how?

41:09-Safety issues and concerns: How do employees communicate these to the committee?

42:22-Meeting minutes: What should be included?

43:18-Barriers to success: How to address issues if the committee isn’t effective.

Click here for a PDF guide to help get your safety committee started!

Topics: Workers' Compensation, Safety

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