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Worker's Comp Spotlight: Good Housekeeping Webinar

Posted by Kayla Eggert on Jan 19, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Imagine this scenario: A water fountain at a local fitness center starts slowly leaking. Staff members don’t notice or just simply walk around the water accumulating on the floor, assuming someone else will take care of it. After a few hours, there’s a sizable puddle and an employee walking by in a hurry doesn’t notice the water and slips and falls, suffering a serious injury.

This injury could’ve easily been prevented with better housekeeping. Good housekeeping is an important safety aspect for any workplace, from offices to workshops to restaurants. Our workers’ compensation experts put together a short webinar discussing the importance of good housekeeping in the workplace along with specific tips to keep your organization tidy and safe. Check it out below!

Webinar Key Points

1:22-Benefits of good housekeeping: Eliminates accidents and fire hazards.

1:54-Costs of poor housekeeping: Increases potential for slips and falls, fires, injuries, and health problems.

3:28-Daily housekeeping checklist

4:48-Preventing slips, trips, and falls.

7:56-Fire prevention, fire exits, and fire equipment.

10:03-Chemical safety

12:08-Preventing cuts and bruises.

13:24-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) housekeeping: Properly clean and store PPE.

13:58-Selecting the right tools and PPE for housekeeping jobs.

15:43-Personal housekeeping: Taking care of your body and mind.

16:06-Key points to remember.

Topics: Workers' Compensation, Facility Maintenance

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