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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Preventing Winter Slip and Falls Webinar

Posted by Kayla Eggert, AINS, ARM on Dec 16, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Winter is here. If snow and ice haven’t started accumulating at your organization, they’ll certainly make an appearance sometime in the very near future! With the colder weather always comes more slip and fall injuries, especially for employees. However, with proper planning and inclusion of slip and fall prevention in your business’s safety culture, you can minimize these work comp injuries. Our work comp experts have a webinar describing how you can do just that! Check it out along with some key points highlighted below.


Webinar Key Points

1:28-Work comp slip and fall claims data from West Bend customers

3:42-Steps to fall prevention

3:52-Step one: identify exposures-areas inside and outside facility that can become icy/slippery

10:20-Step two: pre-planning-be ready for snow and ice with contactors lined up and supplies gathered for maintenance employees

14:33-Step three: tips for removal of snow and ice

15:38-Step four: inspections-making sure slippery areas are routinely inspected and documentation tips

19:08-Step five: educate-train staff about personal safety during winter months

24:12: How to make slip and fall prevention part of your safety culture

Click here for some of the resources mentioned at the end of the webinar.

Topics: Workers' Compensation, Slips and Falls, Weather

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