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Safe Tummy Time for Infants

One important component of infant safe sleep requirements is to always place babies on their backs to sleep. Putting infants to sleep on their backs has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, babies need to balance the time spent on their backs with time on their stomachs, to strengthen their core and neck muscles and to avoid flat spots on their heads. This is where tummy time comes in. It’s critical for anyone caring for an infant, from parents to childcare providers, to know about and practice safe tummy time. 

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Tips to Keep Your Auto Service Business Safer

From an insurance perspective, automotive mechanical repair shops have a variety exposures. The first is to the property. The second is liability, most notably injuries your customers could sustain while at your business. The third is workers’ compensation or injuries to your employees. And finally, there are exposures caused by products.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company shares these suggestions for protecting your property, customers, and employees:

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Vacant-Unoccupied Buildings

What happens to your insurance coverage when your building becomes vacant or unoccupied (idle)?

Most insureds are not aware of the restrictions in their property insurance when a building is unoccupied or vacant.

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Terrorism Risk Insurance

September 11, 2001 changed this country in more than the obvious ways. Before 9-11, our terrorism exposures were limited to smaller-scale bombings and hijackings. While events like this were certainly newsworthy, they weren't of such a significant magnitude that life in our country was disrupted.

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How to Burglar-Proof Your Business

It's a production that's mounted every 10 seconds, done with a cast of one or two, no script, no lights, and no audience - yet it brings the producers some $1.4 billion in annual profits, or almost $4 million per day.

Its name is "Burglary" and it's one of the longest-running shows in history, on or off Broadway.

Burglary, defined as unlawful entry with or without force to commit a theft or other felony, accounts for a significant share of the country's serious crimes. Small businesses are popular targets and much of the loss is in merchandise.

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Employee Theft

Almost every business needs crime insurance. While it's important to have the right coverage to protect against crimes committed by outsiders, it's also important to have the right coverage to protect against crimes committed by employees.

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Can Your Business Survive a Natural Disaster?

Can your business survive a natural disaster? Many don't. More than 30 percent of businesses never reopen their doors after they've been closed down by a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other devastating calamity. A disaster recovery plan and adequate insurance are keys to getting back to business, say the Insurance Information Institute and the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

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Automatic Extinguishing Systems Save Lives

Automatic extinguishing systems are the most effective means of controlling fires. When properly installed, sprinkler systems are a highly effective safeguard against loss of life and property. The National Fire Protection Association has no record of a multiple death fire in a fully sprinklered building where the sprinkler system was working properly. The savings in the cost of insurance often makes the expenditure for a sprinkler system a wise business investment.

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Auto Safety Starts in the Showroom

Auto safety is not limited to defensive driving on the road. Purchasing a safe vehicle can reduce accidents and injuries. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety recommends looking for the following safety factors when choosing your next vehicle:

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Aquatics Best Practices

When properly managed, a pool can be a great recreational and fitness-focused asset to a community. When underestimated however, the pool is a huge liability exposure. The following sections contain guidelines meant to provide general insight on a wide variety of aquatic topics.

NOTE: Always follow the guidelines of your municipality or state when a disparity arises.

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