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2015 Silver Lining Scholarship Winners

We’re happy to announce the 2015 West Bend Mutual Insurance Company scholarship winners!

• Theresa Smiley – Silver Lining® Scholarship
• Elizabeth Leichtle – Silver Lining Scholarship
• Nicole Heimark – WBMI Columns Scholarship
• Heather May – WBMI KEYS Scholarship
• Rick Korinek – WBMI Honours Scholarship
• Joseph Turchi – UWWC Scholarship
• Travis Wiedmeyer – UWWC Scholarship
• Nicholas Montag – UWWC Scholarship
• Rebekah McKinley – UWWC Scholarship

There was an overwhelming number of applicants for the Silver Lining Scholarship this year, making it a very tough decision for our committee. Starting this year, and for every year going forward, West Bend will
award two $10,000 Silver Lining Scholarships!