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Silver Lining Summit reaches its peak!

Over 1,300 attended West Bend’s second Silver Lining Summit. The week wrapped up on Thursday with an All-Associate Conference and block party. The event brought together associates from 22 states for four days to attend department conferences, participate in professional development workshops, and build relationships through social activities. Culture is important at West Bend, and this opportunity allowed colleagues to engage face-to-face and develop relationships - which, in the end, benefits the independent agents and policyholders the company serves. 

West Bend associates playing pickleball at the Silver Lining Summit.

West Bend associates attending workshops at the Silver Lining Summit.

Silver Lining Summit block party in the parking lot of the West Bend campus.


Swines and Bovines host office Independence Day bash!

At West Bend, we have many associate interest groups you can join when you come aboard our team, such as the Swines and Bovines club. At our July 4th celebration this year, we soaked up the sun on our patio while enjoying a wide assortment of delicious cuisine from our very own BBQ pitmasters, Swines and Bovines! The celebration also featured yard games and various summer raffle prizes to win!

Associates serving snacks under tent on the patio at West Bend.

Associates hanging out and talking on the patio at West Bend.

Associates playing yard games on the patio at West Bend.

The fiesta starts here!

We had a blast yesterday celebrating Cinco De Mayo at our home office in West Bend. It was a great opportunity for us to come together as a team and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. There was even a chance to win a piñata for your department! We're proud to work for a company that values both hard work and a good time!

Display of Cinco De Mayo drinks and tacos for associates to pick from.

Silver Lining Summit 2022

We still can't get over how much fun we had at our all-associate gathering a few weeks ago. It was great to see so many of our associates together once again. 

Siver Lining Summit 1

Silver Lining Summit 2


Golfing is Always Fun

Golfing on a Friday - sounds like fun! A few of our associates participated in the United Way Emerging Leader Golf Outing hosted last Friday by the United Way Emerging Leader Group. Golf



Patio Parties

The majority of our associates are still working from home. We've greatly missed our work friends so we scheduled some safe patio parties to remedy that. Food, drink, and much-needed smiles and conversations were had. Thanks to everyone that came out! Patio party pic #1


Prairie Garden Pavilion

There was snow on the ground when construction of our new pavilion began, After many months, it's finally complete!

We asked associates to submit ideas and help us name the new structure. Marv, our former landscaping and ground supervisor, came up with the winning name. We love it and can't wait for associates to enjoy the new Prairie Garden Pavilion! 

prairie garden pavilion


Chalk the State

We followed the idea from The Museum of Wisconsin Art and had our very own Chalk the State event for our associates that have returned to work. Check out the creativity and talent!

HubSpot Video


Service Center Bingo

While bingo has always been a hit in the past, our Service Center knew they’d have to make some adjustments to their team-building event with 90% of the team currently working remotely. A traditional bingo cage and balls were used to draw numbers. These numbers were called out to the team online. Associates monitored their cards and then yelled “Bingo!” via email and submitted a cell phone picture to the management team for verification. This was a great way for our Service Center associates to have a little fun and stay connected.   Service center bingo - 2020


Welcome to the team!

We had our first-ever virtual intern orientation as our Human Resource team welcomed 12 interns working remotely in Claims and IT. Thanks for joining us. We're excited you're here!